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Start A Sport Club

How to Start a Club

  1. Complete the Student Leadership and Development Club Charter Packet and the  .
  2. Complete the   for each member interested in participating in the club.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the Sport Clubs Supervisor or Coordinator to discuss the clubs intentions and review all necessary paperwork.
  4. Once all paperwork has been reviewed; submit the Club Charter Packet to the Student Leadership and Development office located at SMSU 203 and the Club Recognition Packet along with the Club Member Eligibility Packet to the Sport Clubs Office at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
  5. Register and complete the adult CPR, first aid and AED certification course at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. If you already have a current certification for adult CPR, first aid and AED, or an equivalent certification, please make a copy and submit it with your sport clubs recognition packet. All presidents and vice presidents are required to be certified.


For assistance in the process please contact:

CSUSB Recreation & Wellness Sport Clubs Email: Phone: (909) 537-BFIT