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Climbing Policies

  • Climbing Wall Staff must be present when any participants are top rope climbing or using the Auto Belay.
  • Proper fitness attire must be worn to climb. Jeans are not allowed.
  • All accidents or equipment damage must be reported immediately to Climbing Wall staff.
  • Helmets are recommended; but not required. The SRWC can provide helmets.
  • All participants must have completed a Harness Check and Test; Figure 8 Check and Test; Belaying, Falling and Lowering Test; prior to being a Green Card Climber. See Climbing Wall Staff for more information.
  • The Department of Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to suspend any individual permanently, or for a specified period of time, for failure to comply with the safety policies and rules*, or for any conduct that is viewed by the staff as unsafe or inappropriate.
  • Watch where you walk or position yourself. Stay clear of potential falling or swinging climbers, unless you are actively spotting. If you are climbing and think you may swing or fall into another person, politely ask them to move.
  • Do not climb over or under another climber on any wall or walk between belayers and the wall.
  • Do not climb on top or above the height of the wall.
  • Do not step on any ropes. This causes damage to the rope's strength.
  • Always use standard climbing commands: "On belay?" "Belay on!" "Climbing?" "Climb on!"
  • Any unsafe condition, damage, or injury must be reported to climbing center staff immediately.
  • Artificial handholds can break and/or "spin" leading to a potential fall. Please be prepared and have a spotter. Report any hold damage or spin immediately.
  • Do not place a finger in a metal bolt hanger & remove all rings. You could break a finger and/or deglove your skin.
  • Climbing shoes/ athletic shoes are required to climb. No boots, lug-sole shoes, open toe-shoes, flip flops, sandals, bare feet, etc.
  • You may not be in the climbing area if you have received any medical treatment or are using any medication that could impair your alertness or coordination.
  • Anyone in the climbing area must first check in (and out) at the desk and have a signed agreement and waiver on file.
  • Chalk balls are provided and are the only chalk allowed on the wall. Please keep in a bag and DO NOT place on floor.
  • Do not leave backpacks, bags, or skateboards in the climbing area. Free day use lockers are available.
  • Belayers, boulderers and new climbers must visibly wear the appropriate tag.
  • Holds may not be changed or tightened by members. If a hold is loose or damaged, please inform climbing wall staff.
  • You may not teach anyone to belay regardless of your ability. Any safety related instruction must be performed by staff.
  • Top rope, auto-belay, and lead climbing has priority over bouldering during top rope belay hours.
  • Top Ropes Climbers must tie directly into their harness with a figure eight follow through knot with a min. 6" tail.
  • Do not climb off route which could result in a swinging pendulum. Climb and stay under anchor.
  • Belayers must be attentive and standing at all times.
  • Climbers and belayers must use a UIAA/CE approved climbing harness. Use of the harness must be according to manufacture recommendations.

Open Bouldering

  • Climbers must check-in with Membership Staff and wear a bouldering wristband on their person.
  • Top roped or auto-belay climbing is not permitted during bouldering hours.
  • Bouldering is allowed with no part of your body above the 13 feet "do not boulder above" holds.
  • Climber is encouraged to have proper spotters when necessary.
  • Avoid leg and ankle injuries by down climbing when possible rather than letting go at the top.


  • Auto-Belay are only to be used by program belay certified climbers.
  • Auto-Belay use is only allowed during top rope hours with Climbing Wall Staff present.
  • Climbing wall staff must connect climbers to the Auto-Belay.
  • Climbers must disconnect and attached carabiner to belay gate after climbing.
  • Climbers must only climb routes directly under the auto-belay.