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Climbing Wall


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About Us 

One of the highlights of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center is a 34' high, 1,000 square foot climbing wall, which is open to all CSUSB students and SRWC members.

  1. A comprehensive selection of climbing programs and classes.
  2. A great environment for climbers of all experience levels to train and improve their skills.
  3. Free harness, hardware, shoes and chalk bag usage.

Climbing Programs


A fun and challenging traverse across the wall or just part way up the wall instead of ascending the whole wall. Boulder is done short distances from the ground and does not require a belay but may require spotting. Bouldering is a great way to work on your technique. Bouldering is available anytime the SRWC is open to those that are trained and bouldering approved. Just check in with the membership desk and get a wrist band.
Open during SRWC operation hours

Roped Climbing

During Roped Climbing, the Climbing Wall Staff will provide all the necessary supervision for belay certified climbers to belay member or for belay certified climbers to use the auto-belay. Staff will not be able to belay members at this time.
Monday - Thursday, 3:30pm - 9:30pm, Friday 3:30pm - 7:30pm

Staff Belayed Climbing

During Staff Belayed Climbing, the climbing wall staff will be on hand to belay new and current climbers. All equipment is provided. Bouldering is also allowed during Roped Climbing.
Tuesday - Thursday, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Accessible Climbing

We have special training and equipment that can assist people with disabilities to climb our wall. If have a disability and would like to climb our wall please give us 72 notice so we can accommodations.

Climbing Clinics

Belay Clinics - Climbing 101

Learn the basics of belaying and climbing. We will go over climbing commands, belay technique, terminology as well as knots for climbing. This class is required before you can belay on the wall. The clinic is FREE. Classes offered 2 times a week. Already know how to belay? You can challenge the clinic.
Monday and Tuesday  5:30pm - 6:50pm
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Technique and Training - Climbing 201

This class will teach climbing techniques ranging from basic to more advanced skills. Have you seen climbers move gracefully up the wall and wonder how they do that? Want to practice to get a higher score for the next Competition? This class will help you move up the wall and up the rankings. This class is offered every week. Classes are free, simply show up and learn.
Upcoming Climbing Clinics and Trips

Lead Climbing Classes - Climbing 301

More challenging than climbing on a top rope belay, when lead climbing, the lead climber ascends the route, while placing protection on wall anchors. Advanced climbers only. 
Upcoming Climbing Clinics and Trips

Slacklining 101

Upcoming Climbing Clinics and Trips

Rappeling 101

Upcoming Climbing Clinics and Trips


Special Programs

We offer other programs such as, Climbing Competitions, Cosmic Climbing, Mile High Challenge, Crate Stacking, Dark Climb, Belay-a-Mile Challenge, and Group Rentals. Please contact us for details.