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Basketball Rules

The following rules and regulations shall govern all teams and individuals playing under the jurisdiction of the California State University, San Bernardino Department of Recreational Sports. The California State University, San Bernardino Department of Recreational Sports reserves the right to make any rule modifications and/or other changes during the course of the league whenever it deems such action necessary and proper.


Dunking will be allowed during this program. Any player deliberately hanging on the rim for no reason after a dunk will be assessed a technical foul. Should any rims or the fiberglass backboards be damaged because of malicious hanging on the rims, the Department of Recreational Sports will hold the guilty person financially responsible for total replacement of the damaged equipment, as well as administrative costs associated in rescheduling games, officials, etc. Also, based on the Student Discipline Code, any damage caused by maliciousness could result in the expulsion, suspension, and/or probation of the student involved.

Running Clock/Regulation Clock

  1. The clock runs at all times EXCEPT:
    • During time outs.
    • During an injury.
    • Last 2 minutes of the 2nd half whenever the point difference 10 or less.
    • During Technical fouls
  2. A regulation clock will be in effect during the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half, only if the difference in the score is 10 points or less. In cases where the difference in the score is 11 or more points, the clock will continue to run until the difference in points is 10 or less, at which time, regulation clock will be in effect. A regulation clock will be in effect during any overtime period(s).


Only CURRENT students, staff, faculty, and alumni association members are eligible to participate. A student must have paid his/her fees, which include a portion that is directed toward the Department of Recreational Sports.

A player may play for only one team per league/per day. A player who has played on more than one team without explicit authorization will have all games they played in count as losses, including games played on for their "original team".

If any player is found ineligible for any reason all of the games that he/she has participated in will count as losses.

Teams who have players on their roster who have either been a member of a collegiate team or a professional team must get approval of Recreational Sports before the season begins.

Any team with two or more current or former collegiate and/or professional players, of the sport being played, on their rosters must advise the Department of Recreational Sports in advance and before the program begins. If this is not done, all games played with or without the current/former collegiate and or professional players will be considered losses. The intent of this rule is to make all other participants aware of the circumstances, and to make modifications (if necessary) for championship awards.


  1. ROSTER SIZE - Rosters with an unlimited amount of players are required to be submitted to the Department of Recreational Sports no later than the captains meeting. Unless prior arrangements were made with the Coordinator.
  2. SIGNED ROSTERS - Captains are responsible for making sure that each player signs their roster, registers his/her student identification number and has been given a wristband from the SRFC after verifying membership. The captains also understand and realize that the Department of Recreational Sports DOES NOT HAVE OR PROVIDE MEDICAL INSURANCE in the event a player is injured during the course of the season.
  3. ADDITIONAL PLAYERS - Teams may add or delete players on their rosters until the end of the third week of the season. These changes must be made the day prior to your games.
  4. MINIMUM PLAYERS - Five rostered players shall constitute a full team. Teams may start with 4 players.
  5. CHAMPIONSHIP AWARDS - Although we allow an unlimited amount of people on your rosters we will only give out 10 awards for the championship team.

Tied Games

If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, a 2-minute overtime period will be played. Regulation clock will be in effect for the duration of the overtime period. If the score remains tied at the end of the first overtime period, a second overtime period will be in effect. The duration of the second overtime will be 1 minute. If there is still no winner a tie will be declared. Playoff games will continue until there is a winner.


All teams that fail to show up for their games automatically forfeit the game.  Teams that do not inform the Intramural department at least one full day before their game that they are unable to attend will be assessed a forfeit fee.  Teams will not be allowed to play in the league until that fee has been paid.  Two forfeits from a team regardless if they are consecutive or not will result in that team being removed from the league.


The Department of Recreational Sports will keep the score and game clock.

Time violations

The following are time limits you have:

  • 3 seconds when on offense and in the lane
  • 5 seconds to inbound a ball
  • 10 seconds to advance the ball past the half court line

Rules of Play

All play will be based on the NIRSA Basketball Rules, with certain exceptions, as noted herein.

Special Rules

  1. BONUS SITUATION - The bonus situation (1 + 1) will be in effect on the 7th team foul. The Double Bonus is in effect on the 10th team foul (automatically 2 free shots)
  2. FOULING OUT - after 5 personal fouls the player "fouls out" and must remain on the bench.
  3. LANGUAGE – If person(s) affiliated with team(s) use abusive or foul language before, during or after a contest the team/individual will receive one warning. If the language does not cease the individual will be suspended from play until the Department of Campus Recreation deems necessary.
  4. COMMUNICATION WITH OFFICIALS - Only the team captain/coach is allowed to have communication with the game officials. Should a certain player(s) have questions/concerns, they should be directed to the officials via the captain/coach ONLY.
  5. TECHNICAL FOULS - In addition for reasons for officials to call technical fouls as listed in the CIF Rulebook, technical fouls will be assessed for:
    • Arguing with referees or instructing/assisting referees with calls
    • Expectorating (spitting anywhere on or in the basketball area)
    • Interrupting the flow of the game
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct
    • Non-conformance with the rules.
    • Two technical fouls within the same game (coaches / players) will result in ejection.  Any coach or player accumulating 2 technical foul ejections within a season will be reevaluated to determine their suitability for their continued participation in this program.
  6. Coaches are permitted to walk/stand while the game is in progress as long as he/she does not inhibit the referee(s).
  7. ANY player, placed within the free throw area, may begin positioning for a rebound once the ball leaves the shooters hand.


  1. NO shorts or pants with pockets allowed and NO belt loops.
  2. Jewelry is not allowed - PERIOD! Placing tape over any type of jewelry on any part of the body is not allowed, as the jewelry is still present, and presents a safety concern to both the player wearing the jewelry as well as the opponent. The game will not begin until all jewelry is removed.
  3. Shoes - All players must wear an enclosed non-marring sneaker. A shoe that mars floors or leave marks may not be worn.
  4. The Department of Recreational Sports will provide the game ball for all scheduled games. Should both teams involved in a given game have another ball, which both teams mutually agree to use instead of the one provided, it may be used.

Further Information

Any questions, problems, or further information on anything pertaining to the Intramural Basketball season can be obtained

Banned Players

The Department of Recreational Sports reserves the right to ban any player, coach, spectator, or participant from further participation for an indefinite time period due to any misconduct and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Mercy Rule

Whenever the difference in the score is 30 points, the game will be terminated, regardless of the amount of time played.

Changes to League Schedule

Every effort will be made on the part of the Department of Recreational Sports to accommodate special needs PRIOR to the beginning of the season. All teams are advised that once the season begins, changes to the league schedule will not be changed to accommodate teams who may have certain players who cannot participate due to personal work schedules, prior engagements, or other games.


Sec. 1 The notification of the intent to protest must be made before the ball is put back into play, or the play will no longer be protestable.

  1. The captain of the protesting team should immediately notify the official(s) that the game is being continued under protest. Officials will notify the opposing team captain or manager.
  2. All interested parties shall take notice of the conditions surrounding the making of the decision that will aid in the correct determination of the issue.

Protest shall be handed in writing to the Recreation Office the next working day by 5 p.m. Failure to do so will also negate the protest.


No food or drinks are allowed inside the gym and spectator area (bleachers). This includes player's sipper bottles, water, etc.


*Spectators and Equipment Team captain(s) are responsible for his/her own spectators, fans, and equipment. Spectators are subject to the policies and regulations of the Recreational Sports.

Game Limits

  1. Games consist of two 20-minute halves. The first half is a RUNNING CLOCK the second half is a RUNNING CLOCK with the final two minutes being kept as REGULATION CLOCK during the last 2 minutes of the second half.
  2. TIME OUTS - Each team is allowed 3-one minute time outs per regulation game (cumulative). In the event of an overtime period, each team is issued a single one-minute time out for each overtime period. There will be a 5-minute time break between halves.
  3. Game time is forfeit time, as kept by the official/scorekeeper's watch.

Student Identification

Every participant (faculty, staff and students) must provide evidence that they are members or have paid for a day pass.  All participants will be required to go to the gym and receive a wristband after passing through the turnstiles before their games. In an effort to simplify and make participation more accessible to all, the Intramural department of Recreational Sports requests that all team captains completes their rosters for each sport they are participating in (Names and Student ID number for each player) before the first week of contests. All players must also fill out a waiver form before they are allowed to play.