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Sports Clubs FAQ

Who is eligible to join a sport club?

ONLY students with membership to the Student Recreation and Fitness Center will be eligible to join a sports club. Alumni, faculty or professional staff are not eligible to participate in sport clubs but can volunteer as coaches, advisors or mentors. For more information regarding SRFC membership see the Membership Section of our website.

Are try-outs required for participation on any sport clubs?

Tryouts are dependent on the individual sport club as to whether they hold tryouts for their club or not. Contact the sport club to obtain more information on this process.

Are there fees associated with starting a sports club for CSUSB?

Yes, the cost is $25 for the annual charter fees. Cash or checks payable to CSUSB should be submitted to the Student Leadership and Development Department along with all necessary paperwork (Please check with SLD for more information).

Do sport clubs have to be involved in competition?

Yes, sport clubs are designed to compete competitively with other sport organizations from other universities or to be involved with local competition.

Can I post advertisements or flyers to promote my club?

All publicity must be approved by CSUSB Recreational Sports as there are regulations that must be followed to advertise on campus. All flyers and publications must be approved before posting. Please contact your Sport Clubs Supervisor or Coordinator for more information on help with any marketing request or questions.