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Intramural Rules


  • CSUSB student members that are CURRENTLY enrolled through the Student Recreation and Wellness Center are eligible to participate. A student must have paid his/her fees, which include a portion that is directed toward the Student Recreational and Wellness Center.
  • CSUSB faculty and staff that are CURRENTLY employed by the university or an auxiliary are eligible to participate.
  • If any player is found ineligible for any reason all of the games that he/she has participated in will count as losses.



  • Players must play in at least one regular season contest in order to be eligible for the playoffs.



  • No individual may compete for more than one team in the same division. For example, you cannot compete on two independent basketball teams.
  • A player who has played on more than one team without explicit authorization will have all games they played in count as losses, including games played on for their "original team".



  • A player may not change teams once they have played one game with the team they started the season with.
  • The only way you can transfer teams is if the entire team disbands.



  • A forfeit occurs when a team fails to appear for a scheduled contest ten minutes after the scheduled starting time without making arrangements for postponement or fails to provide the minimum number of players required by the specific sport.



  • If a team forfeits a contest the captain must meet with the Competitive Sports Coordinator in order to be put back on the schedule.
  • If a team forfeits during the playoffs, they will not be allowed back on the playoff schedule.



  • Current varsity athlete's men or women shall be defined as CSUSB students whose names appear on the official athletic roster list in the Intercollegiate Athletics office at any time during the academic year, and therefore shall be ineligible to compete in the sport which they participated in.



  • Teams may only have a maximum of two former varsity athletes participating on their team in the sport for which they participated in.



  • Captains are responsible for making sure that each player signing the wavier forms understands and realize that Intramural Sports does not provide insurance.
  • In the event, a player is injured during the course of the season; he/she should have his/her own insurance.
  • Waivers will also need to be signed for any guest that wants to watch a championship game that is being held inside the Recreation and Wellness facility.



  • In the event of an injury during an Intramural activity:
  • The on-site supervisor will assist the student, make a written report, determine if Campus Police is needed and refer them to the Student Health Center.
  • In the case of a serious injury, emergency assistance will be called unless otherwise advised by the injured participant.
  • In the case of a head or neck injury, the participant will not be allowed to participate in the rest of the game.



  • Any player(s) ejected from a game may not return to that particular game.
  • Before the player(s) are allowed to participate in future games, they must meet with the Competitive Sports Coordinator.
  • It is the responsibility of the ejected player(s) to make arrangements to meet.



  • All participants are required to check in individually at the SRWC and receive a wristband from the Intramural Office (Room 105) after passing through the turnstiles before their games.



  • The minimum number of players required to start a contest is (1) less than the required number for that sport by forfeit time. (i.e. 5on5 basketball, 4 needed to start the game)



  • The purpose of the Intramural Sports is to provide exercise, diversion, and fun to participants in a relaxed, yet structured, environment.
  • All actions and comments, whether to officials, supervisors, participants or spectators should be constructive, if offered at all.
  • The following guidelines for participants and spectators should assist teams in reinforcing a sportsperson-like atmosphere:
    • Participants and spectators are expected to behave in a cooperative, positive manner which contributes to the IM philosophy of the Spirit of Competition.
    • Each team is responsible for the conduct of their team members and spectators before, during and after the contest.
    • All vulgar, obscene, abusive, derogatory and demeaning comments or gestures create a hostile environment, generate ill-will and contribute to a negative intramural experience. THIS BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
    • All instances of unnecessary roughness, attempting to injure another person, threatening another person, provoking an altercation or fighting will result in severe disciplinary action.
    • Participants and spectators are expected to comply with the request and directions of all intramural personnel in a respectful pleasant manner.
    • The consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs is not allowed at intramural activities. Person(s) will be asked to leave the facility.
    • The role of the spectators is to provide support and encouragement which is beneficial to the participants, the game and intramural sports.
    • Spectators must remain in their designed areas and may not encroach on the playing area.
    • Individuals and teams that violate these guidelines will be disciplined at the discretion of the Officials, Scorekeepers, Supervisors and the Competitive Sports Coordinator.
    • Teams may be penalized for the actions of their spectators as well as their team members.
    • Intramural sports reserve the right to refuse service to any participant who violates any policy or procedure, or engages in any verbal and/or physical abuse of the intramural sports staff or participant.


FIGHTING (3rd Person in Rule)

  • Under no circumstances will fighting be tolerated.
  • If two players are caught fighting and a 3rd person jumps in, regardless of which team he/she is with, then the game is automatically declared a double forfeit for both teams.



  • No jewelry is allowed to be worn while playing any Intramural sports. This includes but is not limited to watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other body piercings.
  • Placing tape over any jewelry is not allowed.
  • A player wearing jewelry will be immediately removed from actively participating in the game until the jewelry has been completely removed.



  • Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited for consumption or any other use by any participant on an Intramural Sports team.
  • All players and participants are asked not to use any glass containers and to assist in keeping the fields and surrounding area clean by cleaning up after themselves.
  • Any player(s) under the influence will be ejected.
  • If a guest is deemed to also be under the influence, he/she will be asked to leave the premises.



  • Schedules are generally posted the day after your game.
  • Please be aware the all games are 1 hour long.
  • If you have a preferred time this is what you need to do each week,
  • Let the supervisor know after your game or email us after your game with the preferred time you wish to play, so that we can do our best to accommodate your team.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your team during the regular season, but come playoffs we can't guarantee you a preferred time.
  • Once the schedule is posted we will not be able to change it.



  • If a team feels that an official has misrepresented a rule or suspect that their opponents are using an ineligible player, the team must lodge a protest immediately.
  • The protest must be made by the team captain verbally to the official and the on-site supervisor and every effort should be made to resolve the problem at that time.
  • If a team is dissatisfied with the on-site ruling, a formal protest must be filed.
  • All formal protests must be made in writing and the protesting team should record the game situation (officials, score, time remaining, outs, etc.) and must be submitted to the Intramural Sports Office know later than 24 hours after the game.
  • Protests may not be made on judgement calls (out/safe, in/out, block/charge, etc.).
  • Ruling on protest will be made by the Competitive Sports Coordinator.



  • Each member of the championship team will receive an Intramural Championship t-shirt at the conclusion of the championship game.
  • If you are not present for the championship game, we cannot guarantee a championship t-shirt for you.



  • Any questions, problems, or further information on anything pertaining to the Intramural Sports program can be obtained by contacting us.