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Complimentary 1-Hour Session with a Personal Trainer

Our 1-hour sessions are set-up specifically for the unique needs of the individual.  Examples are, but not limited to goal setting, fitness assessments, equipment orientation, and exercise program design.

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Certified Personal Trainer Preparation Workshop Series 

Spring 2020

Mandatory Dates:

First Initial Dates: 4/11 & 4/12 (Kickoff and only weekend meeting).

Weekly Meetings: 4/16-5/28 (Every Thursday from 2-4pm).

Cost: $50 (includes book rental, fee is waived for KINE493).

Registration: Non-Interns: At the front desk of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center today and online here. Interns: Bring your Kinesiology paperwork (agreement form) to Jasmine Curtis, Fitness Coordinator; fill it out as much as you can prior.

Description: This class is designed to educate and facilitate a learning environment that will prepare aspiring fitness professionals to pass the National Strength & Conditioning Association's (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer Exam. 

For more questions about this course contact Jasmine Curtis, Fitness Coordinator at (909) 537-3862.