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Become A Reviewer

Peer Review is an integral step to the editorial process through which the journal maintains its quality. Reviewers help to ensure that only the best manuscripts are accepted and add credibility to the journal. The OSRJSR follows a Double-Blinded Closed Reviewing policy where the identity of the author is not revealed to the reviewers and vice versa.

Authors are provided with a copy of the feedback, which helps the authors identify areas of improvement to their submission and understand the process in order to be successful at publication.

We are looking for students to be a part of our Editorial Board to serve as Reviewers. Students will work with their peers from other disciplines to collaborate and gain leadership experience. The commitment is one academic year.

How to Apply:

  • If you would like to serve as a reviewer, please email a completed application to become a reviewer to (student editor)
  • Once your application has been received and approved, we will email you to confirm your acceptance and a follow-up email with instructions. 
Deadline To Apply October 31, 2023

Questions can be directed to (909) 537-3728 or by emailing