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Meeting of the Minds

At the Meeting of the Minds Student Research Symposium, CSUSB graduate, and undergraduate students have the opportunity to showcase their research and creative activities (RESCA) through oral and poster presentations. This event is an excellent opportunity for students to refine their presentation skills while sharing their talents and knowledge with others.

Participants with the best oral and poster presentations will receive an award and be recognized during the reception and award ceremony.


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Congratulations to the following students as one of this year’s Best Oral and Poster Presentations for the 10th annual “Meeting of the Minds” Student Research Symposium.

Best Oral Presentations

Session 1

Fawn Baxter

Title: Physical Inactivity Increases Risk of Cognitive Impairment in Early Stage Parkinson's Disease

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jacob Jones

Session 2

Cameron Fraser

Title: Generation of Feline Macrophage Cell Lines to Study Feline Coronavirus

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Newcomb

Session 3

Stepfanie Alfonso

Title: Stigma and Sex: The Implication of Stigma on Sex Worker's Identities and the Organization

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Taylor

Session 4

Rimie Marandy

Title: Republicans vs. Democrats: The Impact of COVID-19 Media Consumption on Risk Perceptions and Health Behaviors

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brittany Bloodhart

Session 5

Andres Sandoval and Ana Villanueva

Title: Exploring Structures of Institutional Support to Nurture the Educational Aspirations of Latino Young Men in Continuation High Schools

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Edwin Hernandez

Session 6

Andres Garcia Garcia

Title: Applying the Health Action Process Approach to Responsive Feeding

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kassandra Harding

Session 7

Millli Patel

Title: Efficient Distribution of Marine Freight in Southern California

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nasrin Mohabbati

Session 8

Michelle Mejia

Title: Budgeting and Financial Stress

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristen Stutz

Session 9

Colby Holloman, Angelica Gutierrez, Logan Ashbaugh and Samuel Jacuinde

Title: Honors book: A Digital Lounge for Students to Connect

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Marshall

Session 10

Robert Tyo

Title: The Mg+ Layer at Mars

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matteo Crismani

Session 11

Kailyn Alari

Title: Female Officials’ Perspectives on Expanding Their Presence in the Field

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amanda Rymal


Best Poster Presentation

College of Arts and Letters


Rimie Marandy

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brittany Bloodhart

Title: Republicans vs. Democrats: The Impact of COVID-19 Media Consumption on Risk Perceptions and Health Behaviors


College of Education


Mackenzie Feeken

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roderick O'Handley

Title: Training Teachers to Implement Evidence-Based Practices with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review


The Jack H. Brown College of Business & Public Administration


Xavier Espinoza, Raghavendra Kumar Indla, Emiliana Merida

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Benjamin Becerra

Title: Automated Prediction Tool For Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Electronic Health Records


College of Natural Sciences


Luz Chavez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brett Stanley

Title: Laboratory Investigation of Cyanide Generation During Wastewater Sanitation 



Anthony Castro

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Burke

Title: Characterization of Cancer-Associated Missense Mutations in the Retinoblastoma Protein


College of Social & Behavioral Sciences


Melody Robinson

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christina Hassija

Title: Self-Blame, Shame, and Coping Self-Efficacy on Depression and Anxiety for Sexual Assault Survivors



Ashley Richardson and Sara Barnes

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stacy Morris

Title: Associations Between Positive Youth Development and Discrepancies in Parent-Adolescent Relationships