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The following forms are for OSR-funded grantees only. If you have any questions, please contact the OSR at 

Research Materials Acquisition Form

The Research Materials Acquisition form is for OSR grant recipients who wish to make a purchase related to their proposal. The requestor will need to have all information related to the purchase if they wish to have it expedited. 

Research Assistant Request Form - FACULTY USE ONLY

The Research Assistant Request form is for OSR grant recipients who wish to hire a CSUSB student as a Research Assistant. Only faculty are permitted to complete this form. 

Research Incentives (Gift Cards) Request Form

The Research Incentives request form is only for OSR grant recipients who need to provide incentives in the form of gift cards to their research participants. 

OSR Travel Reimbursement Form

Students who have been awarded an OSR grant are to complete the following form to request reimbursement. 

Travel Reimbursement Process Tutorial (video)

OSR Grant Budget Template

Use the following budget template for all OSR grant-related applications.