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CSUSB Student Research Competition




The 37th Annual CSUSB Student Research Competition will be held on Friday, February 10th, 2023, in the College of Education (Atrium) from 9:30 am - 2:00 pm.

The CSUSB Student Research Competition allows students to develop their presentation and communication skills while showcasing their scholarly and creative achievements. Students present their research before a panel of judges, and winners advance to the statewide CSU Research Competition, where they will compete against other outstanding scholars in the California State University system. 

37th Annual CSUSB Student Research Competition Program


Awards 2023 CSUSB Delegates

Congratulations to the winners of the 37th Annual CSUSB Student Research Competition! These students represent CSUSB at San Diego State University in April!

College of Arts & Letters

Serenity Chavez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kaitlyn Creasy

Department: Philosophy

Title: That Which Calls Out to You

Dia Poole

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Corrigan

Department: Communications

Title: Connecting Students with Community-Based Organizations for Informal, Short-Term Experiential Learning Opportunities: A Portal Proposal For CSUSB

James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education

Rangel Zarate

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen Escalante

Department: Educational Leadership

Title: From the Lens of (In)visibility: A Photovoice Inquiry into How Community Colleges can Advance Filipino/a/x American Student Resilience

College of Natural Sciences

Auguste Torres

Faculty mentor: Dr. Zhaojing Chen

Department: Kinesiology

Title: Bone Turnover Markers Responses to Acute Resistance Exercise in Postmenopausal Women

Delilah Gbur

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicole Bournias-Vardiabasis

Department: Biology

Title: Effect of Heat Shock Treatment on the Lifespan and Healthspan of Transgenic Aβ42 Drosophila melanogaster

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Joshua Mondragon and Ana Bautista

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Arianna Huhn

Department: Anthropology

Title: Afrolatine California

Jonathan Solomon

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Karp

Department: Global Studies and Environmental Sciences

Title: Policy Impact Analysis of Water Legislation in the Salton Sea

Viviana Alvarez Rodriguez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pedro Santoni

Department: History

Title: Back to Photo Albums: Afro-descendant Student Activist’s Employment of Local and Familial Histories as Alternate Afro-descendant Historical Narration

Angelique Melendrez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Donna Garcia

Department: Psychology

Title: Virtue Signaling: Do You Really Care?

David Lopez-Sanchez and Jordan Taylor

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Crawford

Department: Psychology

Title: Single-trial fentanyl sensitization and conditioned activity in juvenile rats