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Frequently Asked Questions

How is undergraduate research defined?

The CSU defines undergraduate research and creative activities as: “Student engagement in original research, scholarly activity, and/or creative activity, are activities that contributes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the student field and are mentored by a faculty member, with the goal of publication, presentation, performance, or exhibition of the results or products”.

Why should I get involved in research and creative activities?

Participating in research can be both academically and professionally rewarding.  Through your participation, it can:

•Enhance learning outside of the classroom.
•Increase and deepen knowledge of your field.
•Be challenged, stretched, made to think in new ways.
•Develop a relationship with a faculty mentor.
•Help clarify your career goals.
•Improve competitiveness for graduate programs or job/career opportunities.
•Contribute to solving some of society's pressing problems.

As someone with no experience, how can I get involved?

You can reach out to your professors, or you can schedule an appointment with one of our Coyote Research Ambassadors, and they will be able to guide you on the steps to take to get involved. 

Contact us at to schedule an advising appointment. 

How can I fund my research?

We offer many funding opportunities that can help you fund your research. First, consult with your faculty mentor, as a mentor is needed to apply for grant programs and they can help guide you on what program may be best suited for your type of work. We offer the following grants: 

Undergraduate Student Grants ($500)

ASI Student Research & Travel ($1000)

Faculty/Student Grants ($1500)

SSI Graduate Student Culminating Project Fund ($2000)


When should I begin doing research?

You should begin looking into opportunities and talking to professors, ideally during or after your first or second year. Find out what professors are looking for in an undergraduate research assistant while you are taking general classes, this way you can make sure you have the necessary requirements to join the research group.

Who do you serve?

We serve all students and faculty who are interested in or working on a research or creative activities project.

What are the requirements to be eligible for grants?

Faculty, tenured or tenure-track from any department are welcome to apply. Students must be in good academic standing and enrolled in classes at least part-time.