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Become a CRA

The CRA is a one-year commitment with the option to be reconsidered for further participation in the program. Students will gain knowledge in networking, public speaking, leadership opportunities, and will increase their competitiveness in graduate and professional school applications. Ambassadors often receive additional grant opportunities and other professional development experiences as a result of their involvement.

The OSR seeks ambassadors that will represent diverse academic disciplines across campus, including science, arts, humanities, business, and social sciences. Please see the eligibility requirements below before applying. The application includes the submission of a CV, a few short answer questions about your undergraduate research experiences, and a letter of recommendation from your faculty mentor/research advisor. 


  • CRA will have the opportunity to represent the OSR at research, recruiting, and outreach events such as:
    • Orientation
    • Homecoming (Fall)
    • Student Research Competition (Spring)
    • Research Week (Spring)
    • SOAR Freshman and Transfer Days (Summer)
    • Graduate School Fair (Fall)
    • Graduate Education Week (Fall)
    • Community Engagement Expo (Winter)
    • S- STEM Open House (Winter)
  • Give presentations to student organizations and classes.
  • Facilitate department workshops
  • Provide peer mentorship to students interested in research or creative activities.
  • Assist with outreach activities both on and off campus. 


  1. Have at least one year or summer of research experience with a CSUSB faculty member.
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  3. Outstanding oral communication skills.
  4. Passion for research or creative activity.
  5. Provide a letter of support from a CSUSB faculty mentor.


Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • Serve for no less than one year. Option to serve for the duration of enrollment at CSUSB.
  • Participate in orientation and training. Students will be extensively trained on the OSR and mentoring.
  • Attend monthly CRA meetings.
  • Attend OSR-sponsored events (CSUSB Student Research Competition, Meeting of the Minds, PDC Taste of Research, etc.
  • Contribute minimum 4 hours per month 
  • CRA's will be hired as a volunteer position, this is NOT a paid position.


  1. Build your CV with great experience.
  2. Interact with faculty and students.
  3. Gain knowledge in networking, public speaking, and leadership skills.
  4. Contribute to campus research community.


Application Opens: Accepted year-round

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