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Repositionable Permit FAQ

Parking Permit FAQ and Display Instructions

Where do I place my permit?

Be sure to place your permit face-up on the driver's left-hand side of the windshield. You can also review our tutorial here: Parking Permit Display Tutorial

If I remove my permit, how should it be stored? 

Any time your repositionable permit is removed from glass and needs to be temporarily stored, the adhesive should be protected by reapplying it to the original liner film or placing it on a smooth piece of glass such as a coffee mug.

Can I apply my permit to plastic?

Repositionable adhesive will develop a strong bond with many types of plastic, and damage to the plastic surface may result.

What if my permit gets dirty?

First, hold the decal under warm running water, and rub debris off. If that does not work, use masking tape or transparent household tape to remove stubborn debris. Finally, spray a small amount of Windex onto the adhesive, then use the edge of a credit card to scrape away dirt.

What if this does not work?

Please bring your damaged parking permit to us in UH-039 and we will issue a replacement.