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Vendor Permits

Vendor and All Access Permits

If additional parking needs are required a Vendor or All Access permit may be suitable. Vendor or All Access permits can be requested from Parking Services through the Permit Request Form: Permit Request Form

  • Service/Vendor Permits: valid in any general spaces and/or any service vehicle space throughout campus with the exception of the service vehicles spaces located behind the gate arms, unless otherwise authorized on the permit.
  • All Access Permits: valid in the same areas as a Service/Vendor Permit plus timed zones, loading zones, sidewalks and inter-campus pathways and adjacent to campus buildings. This permit may not park in along designated red fire lanes, curbs or spaces, may not building ingress/egress, may not block ADA parking/paths of travel without a prior approval for construction purposes. This permit is not valid in faculty/staff spaces. This permit is not valid on turf or landscaping unless working as part of an active job site. This permit does not grant access to travel in the no drive zone. Access to the no drive zone is allowed only when working as part of an active job site.