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Citation FAQs

I received a parking citation, what are my options?

You can:

  • Pay your citation. 
  • Appeal your citation, if you believe the citation was issued in error. For more information on the California Vehicle Code-mandated appeals process, please reference our Appeals Page.

To Pay or Appeal your citation, please visit us on our citation/permit portal here: Pay/Appeal Citation.

Why did I get this citation?

The reason for a citation will be printed on the citation. For additional details on campus ordinances, please see our Ordinances Page.

I can’t access my appeal results, what do I do?

Please email Parking Services at and we will resend you the results.

I can’t upload my citation appeal evidence, what do I do?

If you are experiencing issues uploading your supporting evidence, you can email your documents to Please include your name and citation number.

I tried to appeal my citation online, but I received an error message, what do I do?

If you try to appeal a citation the same day that it was received, an error message may occur. All citations can take between 24-48 hours from their issuance date to be uploaded into our system. Please wait 24 hours and then retry your online appeal. If you are still experiencing an error message, you may submit your appeal and support documentation by email to

I appealed my citation, now what?

Citation appeals typically take 7-10 business days to review and process. You will receive an email confirmation after your appeal has been submitted. This email will include information on how to check the status of your appeal online.

The reminder notice was mailed to my parents, not me, why?

All reminder/collection notices are mailed to the DMV Registered Owner of the vehicle parked on campus during the time of the citation.

I got a reminder notice in the mail, but there was nothing ever placed on my vehicle, why?

All citations issued include an initial notice placed on the vehicle’s windshield and an additional notice (the Courtesy Reminder Notice) sent to DMV registered owner.  Any misplaced/lost citation notices will not result in an extension of the due date, appeal deadline, and/or waiver of late fees.

I received a Notice of Delinquency, but I’ve never been to CSUSB, what do I do?

If you received a Courtesy Reminder Notice in the mail and the vehicle cited is not yours, please email Parking Services at with a copy of DMV’s Registration of the vehicle.

Can I get an extension on my citation?

California Vehicle Code does not allow for an extension of parking citation due dates.

What happens if I don’t pay my citation?

If a citation is not paid or appealed within the required timeframe, late fees will be applied. In addition, a hold will be placed on your MyCoyote account, a hold will be placed on the vehicle’s registration with the DMV, an/or intercept will be filed with the California Franchise Tax Board. 

When is my due date on the citation?

All citations must be paid within 21 calendar days from the date of issuance or 14 days from the mailing of the Courtesy Reminder Notice to the DMV Registered Owner, whichever is greater. If not paid by the due date, the citation will be subject to additional late fees.


I received a Notice of Delinquency, but this vehicle is no longer registered to myself, what do I do?

If you received a Courtesy Reminder Notice in the mail and the vehicle cited is not yours, please email Parking Services at with a copy of DMV’s Notice of Release of Liability.

How can I pay my citation?


In person at the Student Financial Services Office located in University Hall (UH-035).

By mail. Please do not send cash. Please make checks payable to CSUSB and note your citation number(s) on the memo line. Our mailing address is:
Parking & Transportation
California State University, San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

I paid my citation, but I still have a hold on my account, what do I do?

Email the Parking Services Office at with a copy of your payment, Coyote ID number, and name. The hold will be removed as soon as possible.

I paid my citation and submitted an appeal. My citation was dismissed, how do I get my refund?

If your citation was paid and dismissed in the appeal process, a refund will be processed via check. Please note refunds may take up 6-8 weeks to process.