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Student Motorcycle Parking Information

All motorcycles must park in designated "Motorcycle Parking" areas and have a valid parking permit. For those who will not drive a standard vehicle to campus, but will only be driving a motorcycle may purchase a semester motorcycle permit at a discounted rate online here, Purchase Motorcycle Permit. Motorcycle permits are not physical permits for the driver to display, therefore, a Request Not to Display Form MUST be filled out after you purchase a motorcycle permit. A copy of the motorcycle registration must be submitted with the form (via electronic attachment). There is no additional charge to fill out the form. A Request Not to Display Form MUST be filled out on a semester basis.

Students who will be alternating between a standard vehicle and a motorcycle to campus may purchase an academic year/general semester permit and register their motorcycle under the same permit by submitting a Request Not to Display Form. Please note you MUST not have both your vehicle and motorcycle on campus at the same time or a substantial citation will be issued. 

For day-to-day motorcycle parking, please stop at one of the 16 parking permit dispensers on campus to purchase a daily parking permit. Parking permit dispensers can be located on a campus map, Parking Dispenser Locations. Once a permit is purchased please stop at one of the Information Centers to request a Motorcycle Vehicle Clearance and provide the attendant with your purchased permit. The Information Center locations can be found on a campus map, Information Center Location.