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CSUSB Transportation Services

Are you looking for a better way to get to campus? You’ve come to the right place! When you share the ride, everyone benefits; your community, the environment, your car, and your wallet! CSUSB Transportation Services is here to help you get started with our exclusive Commuter Website Portal.

Your customized-commute starts here:

Commuter PortralCoyotes, travel in a PACK!

Options that fit your needs:

Vanpool  Electric  Bike WalkBus   Carpool

Our program works hard to reduce traffic congestion and increase mobility throughout campus. We encourage alternate modes of transportation and reward eligible participants with our various incentive programs. Anyone using any form of alternative transportation is eligible for an incentive. We also offer free exclusive CSUSB carpool matching, vanpool coordination, and several FREE bus transit options. Now more than ever it's easier to save money, save time and help CSUSB reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Catch a FREE ride on our transit partners!

Mass Transit Partners - Students, Faculty and Staff ride FREE!

Omni-Trans - Serving San Bernardino

Victor Valley Transit Authority - Connecting the High Desert Region to CSUSB

Sunline - Commuter 10 and HAUL Pass - Connecting CSUSB and PDC


OmniAccess Has Arrived!

We are proud to partner with OmniTrans to provide no-cost access to their OmniAccess program to all of our students, faculty and staff! 

OmniAccess provides ADA, curb-to-curb shared-ride service as part of their fixed route bus services. This service is available during the same operating times as OmniTran's regular bus service. Membership approval is required by OmniTrans prior to utilizing this service, additional information and sign up instructions are available here:

OmniAccess: ADA Accessible Public Transit in San Bernardino (

After signing up with OmniAccess, please contact Parking and Transportation Services to receive your pre-paid tickets, at no cost to you:


Call: 909-537-5912

Real-Time Vanpool Waitlist:
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Why choose Alternative Transportation Options?

There are TONS of reasons (4.6 tons of CO2, to be precise) for you to choose a less traditional means of travel during your daily commute. Here are just a few:

  • Enjoy significant savings - Save up to $6,000 dollars per year! Share costs with; ridesharing, free transit passes and free EV charging!
  • Save time - Enjoy access to the HOV lanes with; Vanpool, Carpool and Mass Transit
  • Reclaim lost time and reduce stress - Commuting is stressful! Sit back and relax while professional drivers, Drive Captains or turn-based scheduled drivers take the wheel.
  • Do your part to reduce pollution and harmful emissions - Help the CSUSB community save up to an average of 4.6 TONS of carbon dioxide per year, for every vehicle we take off the road! (Source: EPA)

Real talk, let's see the data!

Current Average Impact per Vanpool (Q4 2021):

  • Parking Spaces Reduced - 10
  • Commuter Miles Saved - 38,724
  • CO2 Reduction in LBS - 30,102
  • Commuter Savings versus Driving Alone - $16,486

Average savings per vanpool participant:

Average Savings per Vanpool Participant:

  • Savings vs Driving Alone - up to $500 per month or $5,995 per year
  • Usable Time Back to Riders - 26 hours per month or 312 hours per year
  • Miles Reduced on Personal Car - 1,291 miles per month or 15,489 miles per year


Value of Benefits Courtesy of Parking and Transportation Services


Daily Monthly Annual Serving / Notes

OmniTrans GoSmart

  $60.00 $720.00 San Bernardino and Connections
Sunline - 10 Commuter Link   $150.00 $1,800.00 CSUSB - Palm Desert Campus
Sunline - HAUL Pass   $34.00 $408.00 Coachella Valley
VVTA - 15 Commuter Link / Howling Xpress $13.00 $403.00 $4,836.00 CSUSB - High Desert
VVTA - Local Service   $45.00 $540.00 High Desert
Subsidized Electric Vehicle Charging $4.50 $139.00 $1,668.00 CSUSB, PDC
Totals   $831.00 $9,972.00 Free to CSUSB Students, Faculty and Staff - Courtesy of Parking and Transportation Services