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Invited Guest Parking

Invited Guest Permit Information

Invited Guest Permits must be requested by the hosting department on behalf of the invited guest. Permits may be requested from the Parking and Transportation Services Office for invited guest(s) who meet the eligibility standards. If a guest does not meet the eligibility standards or if the hosting department does not request a permit on behalf of their guest, the campus guest will have to purchase a parking permit. 

To request permits please complete and submit the Invited Guest Permit Request form. All requests must be submitted by a CSUSB Faculty/Staff member. Students and outside community members are not authorized to submit requests. All requests MUST include: guests' names, hosting department, date of visit, reason for visit, and a valid chargeback account number to ensure timely processing. All requests MUST be submitted with a minimum of fourteen calendar days prior to guest arrival. If a request is not submitted within the appropriate time frame we cannot guarantee a permit will be ready in time for the invited guest and may require the invited guest to purchase a permit. 

Event Parking Information 

If you are hosting an event on campus and would like to cover parking costs for your guests, please fill out the Invited Guest Permit Request form. We offer a variety of options for large-scale parking including Coupon Codes (a 7-digit code used at any parking dispenser for a obtain a parking permit) and Print-At-Home permits (an electronic link where guests will register for their parking permit and have it emailed to them to print and display for the day). You can also use the form to request vehicle directional signage for your event, see the chart below for signage prices. Please note signs are for the use of vehicle directional wayfinding only. Parking Services does not rent out signage materials and all signs must be handled by Parking Services staff. All sign requests must be submitted one week in advance. 


Vehicle Directional Signage/Equipment Pricing Chart

Type of Signs Initial Price Conditions
Instalert (electronic message board)  $100 per sign for the 1st day $50 per sign for each additional day
A-Frame $25 per sign/per day 4 A-Frame minimum requirement
Cone/Delineator $1 per cone/delineator per day 25 Cone/delineator minimum requirement
Barricade $25 per barricade per day 2 barricade minimum requirement

All employee labor hours will be charged at OT for staff and Minimum Wage for Students*