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Vehicles on Campus Pathways Policy

Vehicles on Campus Pathways Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: President Morales on

Authority: California Vehicle Code 21113 For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Parking and Transportation Services (909) 537-5912.

This policy identifies various zones where driving restrictions, including golf carts, are in place. Consistent with the CSUSB Master Plan, the center, or 'academic core,' of campus is a pedestrian-scale space and not intended for regular vehicular or golf cart traffic. In order to preserve the University setting and provide safety to pedestrians, the following policy shall be enforced:


  • The restricted drive zone is identified in white on Attachment A and is the most frequently used route for pedestrians. The only vehicles authorized in the restricted drive zones are emergency vehicles, those transporting persons with disabilities, and vehicles affiliated with authorized campus events.
  • The service access zone includes all pathways in Attachment A marked in white. These pathways are paved service roads and sidewalks.
    • Access within this zone is determined by permit type, either “all access,” “vendor,” or “temporary loading.”
  • The drive zone includes campus roadways and parking lots, indicated by grey on Attachment A. All posted signage must be followed.

Driving on sidewalks is only permitted when there is no other point of access to a building and the vehicle has a valid “all access” or “temporary loading” permit. Drivers must travel on the sidewalk that is the most direct point of access to the building they are serving. Sidewalks may not used as a route of vehicular travel between buildings.

Driving on turf or landscaping is prohibited unless the area is part of an active work or event site.

Access through the electronic gate arms is approved by the Director of Parking & Transportation.