Parking Policy for The Museum Parking Lot (Lot M)

Parking Policy for The Museum Parking Lot (Lot M)
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on
Approved By: President Karnig on
  • The Museum Lot (Lot M) will provide 50 spaces, which will be allocated in the following manner:

    • Ten spaces will be reserved for visitors of the Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum. The reserved spaces are valid 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. After 7 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends, the spaces become available to all faculty and staff. Students and visitors may use the spaces on weekends.
    • Two spaces will be reserved for the disabled persons.
    • One space will be dedicated for service/vendor.
  • There will be a total of 37 spaces designated for authorized employees (as noted in Section 4). The decals will be issued in a prioritized manner outlined below. Lot M decals will be issued annually as determined by the Parking Services Division. For this policy, permanent work site is defined as the office or main work location for an employee who is assigned for 9 months or more.
  • Lot M is reserved for special events given by the Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum and on those occasions, the lot will be open ONLY to those guest(s) of the museum. On days of such occasions, persons currently displaying their CSUSB permit together with their Lot M decal will be allowed access to the biology lot.
  • The priority for issuing Lot M decals is as follows:
    • Full-time permanent employees with a permanent work site in the Visual Arts Building, the Animal House, and the Faculty Office Building. Work sites are prioritized in the order listed.
  • The museum lot will be reserved for faculty and staff displaying a current Lot M decal. Lot M will be available to those who qualify, on each day of the week, including weekends, holidays, intercessions and summer sessions (except for special events noted in Section 3). The lot will be reserved from 7 a.m. through 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. After 4 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends, the lot becomes available to all faculty and staff (except for the reserve spaces for the museum visitors). The museum spaces will become available after 7:00 p.m. on weekdays. A valid CSUSB parking permit must also be displayed with a Lot M decal. Students and campus-wide visitors may use the lot on Friday after 4:00 p.m. and weekends with a valid daily permit or CSUSB decal.
  • The Parking Services Division will issue Lot M decals on an annual basis. The Lot M decal shall be attached to a valid CSUSB parking decal according to instructions provided by Parking Services. The combined Lot M decal/CSUSB permit shall be displayed according to campus policy for displaying parking permits. Museum visitors may purchase a daily permit and park in a designated reserved space. These spaces will be clearly marked for museum patrons only.
  • Lot M decals are non-transferable and may only be used by those actually issued the decal. Loaning a Lot M decal is not permitted and may cause forfeiture of said decal and of rights to Lot M.
  • A Lot M decal does not guarantee the availability of a parking space. All vehicles must be parked in a designated space within the lot. When spaces are not available, the driver must park in an authorized space elsewhere on campus.
  • Campus parking rules and regulations, as well as those of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) apply to all vehicles parked in Lot M.
  • Within the limits established above, Parking Services may grant decals on an exception basis for persons with severe health problems or disability. Parking Services reserves the right upon approval from the Campus Transportation Committee to increase/decrease allocated spaces upon extensive monitoring.