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Masters Degree


Admission to the Program

Each academic year, applications are accepted for Fall term only. The graduate program application deadline for the Fall term is in July each year: Check with the Office of Graduate Studies site for admission deadlines.

Advancement to Candidacy

Necessary for advancement to candidacy (next step after admission to the program, usually done in the second semester of enrollment):

Upper division writing course that will not be over 7 years old when you complete the program (EDUC 306 or equivalent) or passing score on the Writing Requirement Equivalency Examination (WREE), which is administered every quarter. Note: If your 306 course will be over 7 years old, a waiver will need to be submitted to and approved by Graduate Studies. You may also apply for a waiver of this requirement per the guidelines found at the Graduate Studies website. For more information, see "Writing Requirement" below.

Program Plans

A program plan is a personally designed plan or "road map" that outlines an order of courses and requirements for each student. This program plan is important; it is a kind of contract binding both you and the university to its content.

Transferring courses - you may transfer up to 12 units of graduate level course work deemed equivalent to courses in the Masters of Education: Reading/Language Arts option. You may also transfer an unlimited amount of equivalent-level work to the Reading Certificate or the Reading Specialist Credential programs.

Writing Requirement

You must complete an upper-division-level writing component to be fully classified in the Masters of Education, Reading Language Arts option.