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Instructional Design & Technology Program

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IDT Program Brochure

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Why the CSUSB IDT Program?



Lower tuition among public universities and systematic financial aid for students



Offers a wealth of teaching resources to support student learning and pave the way for future careers



Provides online, in-person, and hybrid instruction to meet the needs of different students


Applying for the IDT Program

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Domestic Students

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International Student

Testimonials (Fully Online Program Student)

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Andrew Redman
4th Grade Teacher

'It is much easier to complete with it being fully online and Instructional Design & Technology program could help become a vendor educator'

For more Testimonial videos from the IT Alumni, go to the IT Community Page.  

Social Media

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If you are a current or an alumna or alumnus of the CSUSB Instructional Design and Technology program and have any news (e.g. promotion, job announcement, presentation, publication...) to share with the IDT community,  please submit the news to here. It will be reviewed and posted to the IDT program Home page and/or IDT News page after it is approved.