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Supervision Coordination (SC)

Supervision Coordination

Designated Subjects, Supervision/Coordination

ECTS 508, 509 & 510 (12 units)

The Designated Subjects Supervision/Coordination Courses (ECTS 508/509/510) are now offered in an all online format. Official enrollment for all three courses should be made concurrently for one quarter, but it is possible to get an early start (highly recommended) by contacting course coordinator Sid Burks via e-mail (see below).

Who is this credential for?

The Designated Subjects Supervision/Coordination Credential qualifies the holder to function as a Supervisor, Coordinator or Administrator in Regional Occupation Programs and Adult Education Programs in the State of California, also correctional education, community college and private post-secondary programs. Any teachers interested in administrative skills and processes can benefit from the information and activities included with this course work.

There are no prerequisites required to enroll in these courses, however completion of Level 1 and Level 2 course work, either through CSU San Bernardino or some other CCTC approved institution, would certainly be advantageous.

Basic word processing, web browsing and e-mail skills are essential.


(12 units)

Admission to the Program

  1. Possession of or eligibility for a clear designated subjects teaching credential;
  2. 3 years of full-time teaching experience in the subject title on the teaching credential;

All applicants for this credential should contact the designated subjects advisor and enroll in ECTS 508 as soon as possible.

Credential Requirements (12 units)

  1. ECTS 508. Organization of Designated Subjects Programs (4)
  2. ECTS 509. Personnel Management in D.S. Programs (4)
  3. ECTS 510. Field Work in Designated Subjects Programs (4)
  4. Successful completion of the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST).

Note: Simply completing the course work does not mean that a person is qualified to become a vocational program administrator. In addition to the course work and teaching experience specified above, candidates seeking administrative positions must be able to demonstrate advanced organizational skills, the ability to interact effectively with people of widely diverse backgrounds, a superior work ethic, unwavering integrity, a well-developed sense of humor and a genuine commitment to do the best job possible!

What does the course work involve?

The combined ECTS 508, 509 and 510 courses involve completion of a number of assignments to be collected into a portfolio, as well as working with a qualified local on-site administrator in either an ROP, adult education, community college or correctional facility.

Who is the Instructor?

  • Sid Burks

All three courses must be completed in one quarter. All distance learning materials will be posted on our web site and must be completed by the end of the quarter in which the student is officially registered. It is possible, with permission from the course instructor, to get an early start on the course assignments. This can be done before being officially admitted and is highly recommended for anyone with a busy schedule.

How do I get into the program?

Anyone interested in this program should e-mail Sid Burks for more information. It is highly recommended that potential students set-up an advising appointment.

These courses are being offered "on demand" as a cohort. A minimum of 15 students are required to offer these courses. To be added to the cohort contact Sid Burks for further information.