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Welcome to the Office of Marketing & Student Outreach

Watson College of Education


The office of Marketing & Student Outreach is responsible for the James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education’s (WRWCOE) marketing activities locally, nationally, and internationally. Led by Aitua Ogiamien, he oversees the development of delivery of fully integrated student recruitment and marketing strategies for all programs in the College. He is the primary link between the College and CSUSB’s Strategic Communications unit.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to guide, implement, and cultivate branding standards across all marketing channels within and outside the College that will develop clear marketing strategies for all our programs. Our vision is to utilize all our resources to increase enrollment in all our program offerings.

What We Do

There are a variety of services we offer to all faculty and staff. Most general needs are brochures, flyers, trifold designs, advertisements, events, forms, social media postings, folders, booklets, QR codes, and other as-needed branding needs.

In addition to these services, the Office of Marketing and student outreach is responsible for the following:

  • Developing and implementing effective branding for all College programs.
  • Developing the marketing strategy for all new and existing programs.
  • The management of the social media presence of the College.
  • Overseeing the implementation of outreach, recruitment, and marketing strategies across programs, including Public Relations outreach programs.
  • Working with department chairs and program coordinators to define, design, and produce outreach and marketing materials for the College programs.
  • Working with the Office of Student Services to plan and implement effective outreach, recruitment, and marketing strategies.

Request Our Services

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the Director of Marketing to discuss your marketing ideas, schedule a meeting through the Outlook calendar.


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Resourceful Links

Our team strives to provide helpful resources at the fingertips of all faculty and staff. We achieve this by gathering these resources in different areas of our website and listing them on one page. Check out the following resourceful links, and visit this page often, as we will make updates where available.

Student looking

QR Codes

Every permanent web page on WRWCOE has been created into individual QR codes. This document contains links to download them in PNG (day-to-day use) and SVG (graphic design use) formats.

QR Code Archives

Using Computer

Email Signatures

The University's Strategic Communications unit has created various email signature templates for everyone to use. Select the one you like, copy, and paste it into your email signature area of Outlook.

Email Signatures


CSUSB Social Media

The Division of University Advancement created a list of all Social Media channels of the University on one page! It is arranged by title, category, and network. Remember to bookmark a page you want to keep.

CSUSB Social Media



CSUSB Branding Kit

The Strategic Communications unit of the University has a list of approved fonts, colors, logos, and a variety of spirit marks, campaign graphics, design templates, and much more.

CSUSB Branding



Looking for event images, images of staff, faculty, administrators, students, buildings, or guests? CSUSB has a dedicated photo server (login required). Hi-Res images.

Photo Server

Strat Com

Strategic Communications Unit

Fondly referred to as “StratCom,” this division of the University’s website contains an incredible amount of information, resources, and tools for the faculty, staff, and administrators.

Strategic Communications