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Departments & Offices

Departments and Offices

Watson College of Education: Navigate our Departments & Offices

The Watson College of Education at CSUSB is dedicated to fostering exceptional educators who will have a lasting impact on their students. Explore our dynamic academic programs and the dedicated support services to guide your educational journey.

Dive into the specialized programs offered by our esteemed academic departments. Our dedicated college offices provide many support services for students, faculty, and staff.


Office of the Dean

Office of the Dean

The Dean's Office is the central hub for the Watson College of Education's leadership team. Here, you can connect with college leadership and find valuable resources tailored to support faculty and staff in their academic and professional pursuits.

  • Dr. Chinaka DomNwachukwu, Dean
  • Dr. Stacie Robertson, Associate Dean
  • Dr. Becky Sumbera, Assistant Dean

Dean's Office Staff


Jim & Judy Watson Student Services

Jim & Judy Watson Student Services

Connect with dedicated admission advisors, credential analysts, and field placement specialists who can guide you through your academic journey.

Program Admission Advisors

Program Admissions Advisors help guide aspiring educators by providing personalized support throughout the admissions process for our credential programs. 

Program Admission

Our admissions personnel are committed to facilitating the application process for our credential and master's programs by assisting prospective candidates in pursuing higher education. We are available to guide all application-related inquiries to ensure a smooth process for all applicants.

Credential Processing

The Credential Processing staff supports the candidates of the James R. Watson and Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education credential programs. We assist our credential candidates as they complete their credential and program requirements and process the credential recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (C.T.C.).

Fieldwork Placement

Our department manages all aspects of fieldwork placements, including early fieldwork and student teaching. We collaborate closely with Riverside and San Bernardino Counties school districts to ensure a seamless and effective placement process.


COE Computer Facilities & Labs

Computer Facilities & Labs | Room CE-250

Elevate your learning experience by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities. We offer a variety of specialized labs and classrooms designed to enhance your educational journey. (This link opens in a new window). Explore our:

  • Classroom Computer Labs
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Open Computer Lab: Self Instructional

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