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Departments & Offices

College Administration

Office of the Dean

Room: 2nd Floor, CE-221
Phone: 909-537-5600

Office of Assessment & Accreditation

Room: 2nd Floor, CE-221F
Phone: 909-537-3621

Office of Curriculum & Archives

Room: 2nd FloorCE-221N
Phone: 909-537-7641

Jim & Judy Watson COE Student Services

Room: 1st Floor, CE-102
Phone: 909-537-5609

Department of Teacher Education & Foundations

Room: 2nd Floor, CE-260
Phone: 909-537-7405

Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation & Counseling (SRC)

Room: 2nd Floor, CE-243
Phone: 909-537-5606

Department of Educational Leadership & Technology

Room: 3rd Floor, CE-374
Phone: 909-537-7404

Facilities and Labs

Room: CE-250