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Gender & Sexuality Studies


CSUSB offers both a minor and certificate program in Gender and Sexuality Studies. The aim of both programs is to prepare students, through the study of gender and sexuality, with insights, knowledge, and interpretive frameworks that will equip them personally, intellectually, and professionally. The programs allow students to examine how gender and/or sexuality as social constructs shape (and are shaped by) individual lives, groups, institutions, and social structures.

Students will have the opportunity to examine individual development, couples, families, small groups, and organizations as well as the media, arts, and economic and political systems. The programs encourage students to examine how gender and sexuality intersect with race, culture, ethnicity, and social class in the interest of social justice. Toward these ends, students customize programs specifically to their interests and professional goals, selecting from a wide variety of courses across the university.

In today’s world, both the private and the public sectors increasingly need people who can understand, affirm, and work with human diversity in productive and constructive ways. Whether preparing for one’s first career, working to advance in one’s current position, forging a second career, or preparing for graduate school--a minor or certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies is outstanding preparation for people looking to set themselves apart as ready to embrace the potentials present in a diverse world.

What is a minor and how does it work?

A minor is earned by focusing a subset of the classes required for your major on a particular content area (in this case, gender and sexuality).Because the same classes can count double toward both your major or GE requirements AND a minor, many students find that they are already on their way toward completing the requirements for a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

What can a minor or certificate in gender and sexuality studies do for you?

  1. It will likely give you a competitive edge among employers seeking people with greater sophistication around issues of human diversity. It could be the decisive credential you need to begin or advance a career in the arts, business, management, public administration, criminal justice, health care, law, or the human services such as social work, counseling/therapy, and education.
  2. For those planning to continue to graduate school, the program provides a solid foundation upon which to build additional study in any discipline or field. It demonstrates to graduate school selection committees that you are prepared with a framework of analysis that can be applied to any field or advanced degree.
  3. While at CSUSB, it will enhance your study of your major on campus, helping you develop a deeper understanding of your field or discipline.
  4. It will provide an invaluable framework to understand your own life better as well as the institutions and social structures that shape our world.

New Courses Available

A number of new and interesting classes have been added to campus that are not formally a part of the program, but will be soon.  The courses listed below can be substituted for any of the GSS electives.  Just send Dr. Jennings an email and he will send the registrar the approval.

New Courses Available
Course Description Day & Time
HIST 3460 Women in Black Freedom Movement TBD
HIST 3620 LGBT History TBD
HIST 4490 Gender and Development in Africa TBD