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The study of eLearning at CSUSB will help you master the theoretical, human and technological aspects of creating effective online learning environments.

Experienced knowledgeable faculty who are expert in the fields of instructional design, instructional technology and online learning will guide you to a success in your studies.

Four Completely Online Courses

  • ETEC 501 Foundations of E-Learning
  • ETEC 541 E-Learning Design & Development
  • ETEC 674 E-Learning Technology & Methods
  • ETEC 648 E-Learning Delivery & Assessment

The fast-growing field of e-Learning is based on an understanding of the human and technological aspects of creating learning environments and/or materials that facilitate non-face-to-face learner-content interactions, learner-learner interactions, and learner-instructor interactions, where students and the instructor are separated by space and/or time.

Everyday, more and more educational institutions and entities in the private sector are turning to online learning to serve the needs of their constituents and to remain competitive in global markets. Consequently, instructors are also faced with the challenge of acquiring and enhancing their own skills.

Our 100% online e-Learning Certificate program will provide you with the e-Learning skills you need, and through our courses, you will learn how to:

  • Design high-quality online learning environments.
  • Select and use technologies that support online interactions.
  • Effectively use Course Management Systems.
  • Create appropriate evaluation systems for online classes.
  • Engage and motivate online students.

Job Opportunities

Students who earn a Certificate in our e-Learning program have more opportunities. Click on the links to e-Learning related jobs at the following websites.


We have two categories of students in our e-Learning Certificate program. These categories are:

  1. Current CSUSB student
  2. Non-CSUSB student

CSUSB Student

Current students of California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) who are already enrolled in an academic program may decide to increase their marketability by taking the certificate program along with their current program of study. If you are interested in taking our e-Learning classes, you can refer to the Certificate Requirements section below to add courses via your MyCoyote.

Non-CSUSB Student

If you are not currently enrolled in any programs at California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), you may register for the courses via College of Extended Learning.

Certificate Requirements (16 units: 4 units per course)

You may start your first course at any quarter and need to complete your last course within four years.

Course Prefix* Course Title
ETEC 674 E Learning Technology & Methods
ETEC 501 Foundations of E-Learning
ETEC 541 E-Learning Design & Development
ETEC 648 E-Learning Delivery and Assessment

*Click on course prefix (left column) to view course descriptions.

Certificate Program Award

To receive the certificate, you must

  1. Successfully complete the four courses with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
  2. Fill an application for certificate programs with the Office of Record, Registration & Evaluations. Should you have questions, please contact Dr. Amy Leh at

From E-Learning Certificate Program to ETEC Master's Degree Program

If you later decide to pursue a Master's degree in Instructional Technology (ETEC), you will need to apply and be admitted to the ETEC program BEFORE you start your fourth and final course in the e-learning certificate program.


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