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Master of Science in Physician Assistant (MSPA) Program

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California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) is developing a 27-month Master of Science in Physician Assistant (MSPA) program to help meet the current and future healthcare needs of communities. As essential members of the health care delivery team, physician assistants (PA) can address existing health disparities by providing access to more affordable, high-quality healthcare. PAs are certified healthcare providers who diagnose conditions, develop patient-centered treatment plans, prescribe medications, and provide preventative care.

In our passionate pursuit for health equity, the CSUSB MSPA program will prepare students to provide optimal care for patients by evaluating individual, societal, and political influences on health. The program will make a lasting impact on increasing access to quality care through its innovative curriculum, involvement in the community, and focus on cultural humility.

Educational Approach

The CSUSB MSPA program believes that a dynamic, innovative curriculum is required to develop truly multidimensional PAs. Therefore, the program integrates active learning methods, educational technology, and practical experiences to empower student learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Our thoughtfully designed classrooms and laboratory spaces encourage students to be actively involved in interactive sessions, group work, case-based learning, and interprofessional experiences. Students will be challenged to integrate individual and larger contextual factors affecting health into their clinical decision making.

Our program focuses on not only developing clinical knowledge but also learning to communicate with empathy and compassion. Therefore, the CSUSB program will utilize a “classroom to practice” approach throughout the didactic phase. Beginning in the first semester, CSUSB students will have the unique opportunity to apply their newly learned knowledge and skills directly into practice through community service and clinical experiences.

Although the curriculum is rigorous by nature, our program places an emphasis on supporting students and their wellness. Our program invests in the success of our students through faculty advising, conscious scheduling of exams, mental wellness breaks, and a wide range of CSUSB resources and services.

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