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COVID-19 Prevention & Planning

COVID-19 Prevention Plan

The CSUSB COVID-19 prevention plan serves as a functional addendum to the Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in identifying hazards associated with COVID-19 in the workplace and control measures that can reduce the risk of employee exposure. The COVID-19 Prevention Plan addresses requirements identified in the emergency standard 8CCR section 3205.

CSUSB COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Instructions for completing the Prevention Plan acknowledgment in CSULearn

COVID-19 Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan

Please complete the Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan Form linked below, then click on the button for Adobe Sign and upload it.

OFFICE Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan Form

EVENT Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan Form

LAB Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan Form

OFFICE Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan Adobe Sign Link

The example repopulation safety plans provided below are to be used as a guidance document. 

PPE Supplies

The University will provide employees with personal protective equipment (PPE) and cloth face coverings at no cost to the employees following the CDC and OSHA guidance applicable to the industry and types of jobs at the workplace. If the employees need to perform tasks with higher risk, the department should consult with EH&S to identify proper personal protective equipment.

If PPE is applicable in your work area, please include it in the “Cleaning, Disinfecting, and PPE” section of your Worksite Repopulation Safety Plan.  You will also need to complete the 213 Form.

Instructions for completing 213 Form

Email your completed Resource Request 213 form to:

April Wing - Manager for Emergency Management & Business Continuity



COVID-19 Training for Faculty/Staff/Employees

Instructions for completing COVID-19 training in CSULearn

COVID-19 Training for Students

Instructions for completing COVID-19 training in the CSU Learning Bridge


Printing Store 

Print or order posters and other campus safety signs

Example Campus Signage Available from the Printing Store:

Safety Controls Graphic