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Art Safety Committee 

Arts Safety Committee (ASC)

What is the ASC? 

The ASC is the committee dedicated to building a culture of safety for research and education workshop classes in the humanities program through training, education, and policy development. Members of the ASC are required to uphold and improve the Art Safety Plan (ASP) guidelines as well as comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and campus safety and health regulations. The ASC strives to minimize accidents through risk analysis and mitigation holding periodic reviews to address departmental safety concerns, modifications, regulatory deficiencies, incidents, and recommend corrective action. 

Proposed ASC Structure 

Below is the proposed ASC structure redesign. Under this structure, the committee is supported by an executive leader known as the executive sponsor, who serves as the Dean of the Arts and Letters program and a member of the committee. The committee consists of two committee co-chairs, one appointed by the executive sponsor, the other an EH&S specialist.  Members of the committee are comprised of Department Chairs and their respective Instruction Support Technicians (ISTs) who the Art Safety Plan (ASP) directly affects. Elections for the appointed ASC chair are held every two years and elected/appointed members serve for two years on their committee. 

Co-chairs of the ASC are automatic members of the Risk and Safety Committee (R&SC), where they serve as a communicator for the committee they chair. As a representative for their committee, any updates regarding department concerns, modifications, regulatory deficiencies, incidents, and corrective action, are to be discussed and resolved if possible, through collaborative proposal between all R&SC members. 

Proposed Art Safety Committee (ASC) Structure
Proposed Art Safety Committee (ASC) Structure for 2020-21

Committee Charter

This charter is currently under review.

ASC Agendas and Meeting Minutes 

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