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To assist in meeting the needs of our customers, EH&S has provided quick access to the following resources which are intended to provide additional guidance and reference information related to the following areas.

External Agencies:

Includes a list of common regulatory agencies with whom EH&S actively partners to maintain the campus compliance portfolio. These agencies span Federal, State, and local jurisdictions; as well as specialized fields ranging from environmental protection, biological and radiological safety, and occupational safety. Traditionally, representatives from these agencies will need an EH&S escort when visiting the campus to ensure that proper procedures are followed if an inspection or audit is to be conducted. This helps to ensure that required documents are provided to regulatory officials in a timely manner and to facilitate inspections.

External Agencies

Inspection Reports:

EH&S serves as the custodian for several types of inspection records which include inspections performed through external agencies as outlined above. Many of these records are included here in the interest of campus safety. Please note that retention periods may vary depending on the type of report and older reports outside the retention period may not be available for review.

Inspection Reports