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Fire Safety

Fire Safety

If this is an emergency, please contact 911 from any campus phone or mobile device. Give detailed information and wait for the emergency response from a safe distance.  

For more information on fire safety please visit the Emergency Management and Business Continuity Website.

The information below is intended to prevent injuries and mitigate large fires from occurring in a laboratory setting. 

Special Precautions for Extinguishers   

All laboratory areas are equipped with inspected fire extinguishers, only people who are trained to use fire-extinguishers should operate them.  

If there is a fire in the area, evacuate the area, and when it is safe to do so pull the fire alarm to notify people near-by. Call 911 from any campus phone or mobile device. Ensure you give the responder any information, like the building and room number, what type of chemicals are being used, and if you know the source of the fire.  

The Principal Investigator (PI) or Instructional Support Technician (IST) is responsible for the extinguishers in their immediate area. The following requirements must be met before the use of extinguisher:  

  • User must be trained  

  • Monthly documented inspections are current (if inspections are deficient, please submit a Work Request for Facilities Planning and Management)

  • Annual charging or inspection by an approved contractor is current and documented.