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Miscellaneous Waste

Miscellaneous Waste

What is Miscellaneous Waste?

Miscellaneous waste is items that are not considered hazardous waste, regular waste or electronic waste. Although not considered hazardous regular or electronic waste they still need to be disposed of in safe and proper manner. Some types of miscellaneous waste are empty helium tanks that are purchased from a local convivence center such as Walmart, or Target etc., empty or used print cartridges, flares or fire extinguishers.

Helium Tanks (only campus-generated)

Empty Helium Tanks are considered miscellaneous waste. These types of tanks were previously used for filling balloons, not tanks from Airgas. Empty helium tanks can be properly disposed of by submitting an Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Service Request.  

Gas Cylinders from AIRGAS must be returned to AIRGAS.  

Before requesting disposal, please ensure that the cylinders valves are closed securely.  

Empty and/or Used Ink Cartridges Disposal  

Receiving and Mail Services works with distributors to send state-purchased empty/used ink cartridges back to the manufacturers.  

If the ink cartridges can fit in the mail carriers, put them in a sealable container/bag or the replacement boxes and place them in the mail carriers. Ensure you mark the container by labeling it as “USED” or “EMPTY.”  

If they are too big to fit in the mail carriers, or there is a large quantity, please contact Receiving and Mail Services at 909-537-5151 for a pickup request.