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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety

What is Radiation Safety?

CSUSB operates under a broad-scope radioactive materials (also referred to as isotopes or radionuclides) license issued by the California Department of Health. Therefore, the provisions of Title 17, California Code of Regulations in conjunction with Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, govern the use of all radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines. Furthermore, the Radiation Safety Program operates under the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Principal. The purchase and use of radioactive materials are only allowed by authorized individuals for specific approved projects (page 3 on Radiation Safety Manual). Any user of radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines is moreover responsible for handling the materials/ equipment in the safest possible and practical manner. 

Please ensure that you have proper training and notify your Lab Manager prior use of any radiological material. Be prepared in case of an emergency or spill. 

Working with Radiological Materials at CSUSB 

The law requires that a policy determining Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) and a Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) exist for any broad-scope license. The Committee consists of at least five members who represent operating groups and administration. Those operating groups are Colleges of Natural Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Department, and Office of Academic Research. The appointment of the Chair of the RSC is by committee vote. The RSO is appointed by the Institutional Official. The Committee discharges its obligations at meetings requested by the Chairman or Radiation Safety Officer with a mandatory meeting at least once each year. More frequent meetings can be held as required. 

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) reviews and approves all proposed uses of radiation and radionuclide's other than exempted sources. It also reviews all instances of abuse of radiation producing machines/materials. As a result of such investigations, the RSC/RSO may suspend the violator from all duties that involve the use of radioisotopes and/or or that his/her istopes/radiation machines are impounded for a predetermined time. 

Radiation Forms, Labels, and Documents 

Below are some informational forms, labels, and documents used on campus. If you require specialized posters, training, or consultation please submit an EH&S Service Request (link to form) and an EH&S specialist will be happy to assist you. 




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