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Earthquake Safety

Earthquake Safety

If this is an emergency, please contact 911 from any campus phone or mobile device. Give detailed information and wait for the emergency response from a safe distance.  

For more information on earthquakes and what to do in the event of an earthquake please visit the Emergency Management and Business Continuity Website

The information below is intended to prevent injuries and mitigate spills from occurring in a laboratory. Please submit a Service Request or contact an EH&S specialist for help or consultation. 

Lab Preparations in the Event of an Earthquake  

  • Ensure any equipment or storage above eye-level is restrained by either tying down potential projectile objects or moving them to a secure location.

 Please Note- Overhead storage items must observe the distance requirement of 18 inches from the ceiling if the room has a fire suppression system or 24 inches from the ceiling if the room has no fire suppression system. 

  • Ensure any gas cylinders are properly restrained using the two-strap method and proper anchoring to a non-movable structure. Make sure the valve is in an off position when not in use and before leaving the laboratory area.  

  • Remember to close chemical hood sashes after finishing or leaving the laboratory area to ensure any chemicals in use are enclosed in the event of an earthquake.  

  • Best laboratory practice is to ensure all containers are closed and all equipment is put away after completing the experiment.  

  • In a chemical laboratory, be prepared for falling chemical containers. You may need to evacuate the area immediately.