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Employee Safety Training

Training How-To's for Employees

Heat Illness Prevention Training in CSULearn

Respiratory Protection Training in CSULearn


CSULearn is the learning management system for all employee training across the CSU organization.  Anyone who is active in CSUSB’s HR system, PeopleSoft, will automatically have an active account in CSULearn. 

Logging in to CSULearn 

  • Log in using Coyote ID and password 

  • Can be accessed through MyCoyote webpage under “My Employment” using “CSULearn” tile 

first step

OR Go to the EH&S Training webpage and click on the Employee Training System (CSULearn) link

CSULearn Link

What you can do in CSULearn 

  • Access training assigned specifically to you by EH&S or the University (Assigned Learning) 

  • Register for Instructor Led Training sessions 

  • See all training previously completed in CSULearn including certificates of completion (Transcript) 

  • Browse through all training courses available or search by course code (Search) 

Assigned Learning 

CSULearn Assigned Learning Job Aid

  • Assigned trainings can be found in the “Assigned Learning” folder from your home page 

assigned learning

  • When you locate the assigned training, click on “Register” and then you can Launch the training module 


NOTE: If your department is requiring you to complete a training, check here first! 

Locating an assigned training by another means other than the “Assigned Learning” folder will not allow you to register and your completion may not be acknowledged as satisfying the assignment Watch Assigned Learning Folder in CSULearn YouTube Video

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Assigned Learning Folder YouTube Video</a>
  <a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Assigned Learning YouTube Video</a>

Registering for Instructor Led Training Sessions 

  • Locate the training session by conducting a Search using the magnifying glass in the top right corner 

  • Click on Select and choose “Register” from the drop-down menu 

Training Transcript 

Accessing Training Records in CSULearn Job Aid 

  • Go to the Transcript folder from your homepage 

  • See your complete training record including the Start and Completion Dates 

  • Find completion certificates from previous trainings 

certificate icon



<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Training Transcripts YouTube Video</a>
  <a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Training Transcript YouTube Video</a>

For more general information about the CSULearn system, visit the Human Resources webpage.   

If you are having any technical difficulties with CSULearn you can email 

For questions or concerns regarding EH&S or safety training on CSULearn you can contact Melisa Morrow 

Employee Safety Training Matrices (coming soon)