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Universal Waste

Universal Waste

What is Universal Waste?

Universal waste (U-waste) is a type of hazardous waste that is commonly generated by residents and businesses, as well as the campus when working under normal circumstances. Universal waste is quite common and poses a lower risk to people and the environment than other hazardous wastes. It is regulated under California's "Universal Waste Rule," which requires the recycling* of most types of U-waste.  

Examples of Universal Waste  

  • Common Batteries (AA, AAA, C-cells, D-cells, and button cell batteries). For more information please see the Battery Recycling page 
  • Electronic Devices such as computer and television monitors, wireless phones, computer processing units, printers, VCRs, and microwave ovens. Please contact Property Management or Facilities Management for disposal  
  • Fluorescent light tubes and bulbs 
  • High-intensity discharge lamps 
  • Mercury switches
  • Mercury thermometers 
  • Mercury thermostats
  • Aerosol cans- empty and non-empty 

Universal Waste Labels 

U-waste containers MUST BE labeled with the following information:  

  1. Accumulation start date  
  2. Contents of the universal waste, i.e., aerosol cans, batteries, mercury thermometer, etc.  
    • Please Note—Aerosol cans for disposal must have a printed label taped to the container 
  3. The shipper information (which is already included on the labels)  
Example of Universal Waste
Example of Proper Universal Waste Label Provided by EH&S

How do I Dispose of U-Waste? 

Different universal waste streams go to different departments across campus. if you are unsure of which department your U-waste should go to please complete a Service Request form for EH&S and a representative of EH&S will get back to you. Below are some examples of commonly found universal waste streams across campus 

Universal Waste Disposal

Types of Universal Waste 

Department to Contact for Disposal

Common Batteries (AA, AAA, C-cells, D-cells, and button cell batteries, lithium-ion, etc). (link to battery recycling section) 

Environmental Health and Safety

Battery pack for computer servers that have property tags 

Property Management 

Electronic Devices such as computer and television monitors, wireless phones, computer processing units, printers, VCRs, and microwave ovens), 

Property Management or Facilities Management  

Fluorescent light tubes and bulbs 

Facilities Management 

High-intensity discharge lamps 

Facilities Management 

Mercury switches. 

Facilities Management 

Mercury thermometers. 

Environmental Health and Safety

Mercury thermostats. 

Environmental Health and Safety

Aerosol cans empty and non-empty 

Environmental Health and Safety

If you have questions or would like more information regarding Universal Waste, please submit an EH&S Service Request and an EH&S Specialist will be happy to assist you. 

Disposing of Large Universal Waste Items  

Microwaves, printers, or other large office electronics cannot go in the regular trash. Electronic waste must be properly disposed of. The University must manage these items as Universal Waste and send for recycling. Contact Property Management at 909-537-5147 for a pickup request.  

Please note that these items must be purchased by the University and have a University Property Tag or registration for University use to dispose of under Property Management.