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Safety Committees

Health & Safety Committees

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is dedicated to the safety and health of the campus community. We are proud supporters and members of committees that address safety procedures and policies applicable to the entire campus.  

Our campus safety committees strive to make the campus a better place by promoting open communication by monitoring and improving safety performance in a proactive manner. Become a campus safety committee member, help us create a safer campus community. Each committee meets at least three times annually to discuss health and safety-related topics and concerns within their represented departments. Employees are encouraged to run for committee membership, vote for representatives, and communicate health and safety concerns to the committees. 

Other affiliated campus committees may have their own rules and regulations they must adhere to. EH&S and Risk Management has representation on affiliated campus committees to help advise and support campus programs and policies as needed. The Campus-wide Health & Safety Committee (CWSC) encourage feedback and open lines of communication between all campus safety committees to ensure the safety of the campus. More information about EH&S affiliated committees can be found under the Affiliated Safety Committees section below.

EH&S Committees Charter

Affiliated Safety Committees 

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is a proud supporter of campus safety. We are honored to be affiliated with the safety committees listed below who have made safety a fundamental part of their committee.