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Biological Safety

Biological Safety

What is Biological Safety?

Materials that are hazardous to humans as a result of their biological or infectious properties (as opposed to chemical or physical) are called biohazardous materials or simply biohazards. The management of biological hazards through the proper application of engineered containment devices and administrative controls is usually referred to as biosafety or biohazard control.  

An effective biohazard management program should have the following objectives:   

Preventing or minimizing the possibility of infection as a result of any activities involving biohazardous materials and assuring that all biohazardous material handling, storage, and waste management activities are performed in compliance with applicable standards and regulations.   

A comprehensive Biohazard Management Plan (link to Biohazard Management Plan below) has been developed for California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). This plan provides guidance, prescribes requirements, and assigns responsibilities aimed at achieving the objectives listed above. Primary responsibility for proper Biohazard Management resides with all employees that may encounter biohazards including Custodians, Nurses, Public Safety Officers, Principal Investigators (PI), Lab Supervisors, and Instructional Support Technicians (IST), although important functions are also assigned to the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EH&S).  

Please submit an EH&S Service Request for specific information/assistance concerning the Biohazard Management Plan.   

Please ensure that you refer to the SDS sheets, receive proper training, and notify your Lab Manager prior use of any biological hazards. Be prepared in case of an emergency or spill.

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Informational Posters and Documents 

Below are some informational posters and documents used on campus. If you require specialized posters, consultation, or biohazard supplies please submit an EH&S Service Request and an EH&S specialist will be happy to assist you.