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Cahuilla Indigenous Language

Cahuilla is one of several languages that are indigenous to the Southern California region. It was historically spoken in and around parts of San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial Counties. This course will offer students a beginner’s competency in the language, as well as a basic understanding of the culture and history. No university in either the California State University or the University of California system has previously offered an American Indian Language course sequence as part of its regular curriculum to fulfill the General Education world language requirement. In addition, this is the first university level course ever offered on the Cahuilla language!

The course provides an excellent opportunity for students to enrich their understanding of our region and its diverse cultures. Students at both the undergraduate and graduate level will find these language courses particularly attractive options for fulfilling a GE Requirement. For CSUSB students, these language course sequences (CAHU 1111 and CAHU 1112) are part of the regular curriculum to fulfill a GE Requirement.

Course Descriptions from the CSUSB Catalog (Note: Cahuilla Studies courses are listed in the Course Catalog with the course abbreviation (prefix) CAHU.)

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For more information regarding these courses and the Indigenous Languages Program, please contact Professor Carmen Jany.