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Frequently Asked Questions

Placement Exams 

When are the next Placement exams?

The dates for the next Language Placement Exams are posted on: the Placement/Challenge Exam Information page.

My mic isn't recording in the Placement Test.

Complete a Technology Check.  You will need to allow the browser to access your mic. If you still have issues, please review the Headset Guide for troubleshooting and tips.

My test in Canvas is asking for a password, but I didn't receive one.

Please check the test instructions.  You may be opening a test that requires the Lockdown Browser.   You need to open your test using the Lockdown Browser instead of your usual browser (i.e. Chrome). More Info on Lockdown Browser

Lab Hours 

Why does My Transcript on Transparent Language show less hours than I think it should? 
  • Possible Reason 1 – Dates in report do not match semester. Make sure you enter the beginning of the semester for the start date.
  • Possible Reason 2 – All languages are not included in the report.  Make sure you select “All Known Languages” and “All Learning Languages” when running your report
  • Possible Reason 3 – User changed screens/tabs or time was stopped for Inactivity. 

Note: Inactivity can occur if user is reading a large block of text without moving mouse for extended periods of time. 

When will my Transparent Language lab hours be sent to the professor?

Your professor will receive a report of your hours from the first 7 weeks at week 8 (Midterms week) and a report of the remaining 5 weeks during Finals week, for a total of 10 hours. 


MLC Resources 

When will tutors be available?

View the Tutoring Schedule for tutor availability. Come in to get help to improve your speaking or listening skills. 

Most tutors are tutoring in person in UH-052.  Tutors are also available via Teams.

Please note that availability changes during Finals week. 

How many prints do I receive?

The amount of prints you are given depends on the number of world language courses you are enrolled in.  You receive 25 pages for each world language course. If you are taking one course, then you are given 25 printing pages; if you are enrolled in two courses, then you receive 50 pages, etc.