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Internship opportunities are available at: the Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino, the Mexican Consulate in San Bernardino, Gomez & Associates, a translating agency, various schools in the San Bernardino and Riverside county school districts.

Interested students should contact the Upper Division Coordinator, Dr. Kareen Gervasi,

On-campus internships are also available:

  • Arab 399 (Tutoring or Multimedia Language Center) - Contact Dr. Oraib Mango,
  • Fren 399 (Tutoring or Multimedia Language Center) - Contact Dr. Wolfgang,
  • Japn 399 (Tutoring or Multimedia Language Center) - Contact Professor Amaya,
  • Span 394 C (Tutoring) - Contact Dr. Garcia-Puente,
  • Span 394 D (Multimedia Language Center) - Contact Alysha Timmons,
  • Span 575 (Foreign Language Advising and Guidance for Students) - Contact Dr. Kareen Gervasi,
  • Flan 399 (Tutoring or Multimedia Language Center for languages not listed above ) - Contact Alysha Timmons,