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Business through respect

It is crucial to understand some fundamentals of the Korean culture within the business context. The culture emphasizes respect for authority, age, and education. In Korea, a sign of respect is bowing to those senior to them. Those referred to as the junior initiates the bow by bending from the waist to an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees. It is very important to build relationships when doing business. These relationships are built through informal social gatherings, while presenting each side with an opportunity to not only discuss in a more relaxed environment, but to become familiar as well.

There are many reasons to study Korean, but one of the most important ones at the present time is that the global marketplace is becoming bigger and, as a result, the need for speakers of languages other than English (particularly as translators or interpreters) is increasing. Currently, U.S. federal statistics indicate that more than 31,000 individuals work as translators or interpreters in schools, health care, courts, airlines, and telecommunications. Further, due to the expansion of global commerce, the industry is expected to increase 26 percent in the next eight years!

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Sarangbang Korean Culture Club

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