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Foreign Language Advising and Guidance for Students (FLAGS)

FLAGS is located in the CAL Advising Center in UH-203.  They work in collaboration with the other advisors in the Center, including COMM and English.

Appointments recommended.

Operated by and for students studying foreign languages at CSUSB, the advising center represents a unique academic advising approach. FLAGS peer advisors work with faculty in the World Languages and Literatures department to provide accurate and timely information to students concerning registration, classes, planning their major, transcript review, graduate record checks and other critical advising information. Students gain experience in the fields and professions that they are studying, and, by interacting with other students. The advisors get a flavor for a potential career in teaching.


In the Quarter system, SPAN 201 was formerly SPAN 155, SPAN 202 was formerly SPAN 212, SPAN 203 was formerly SPAN 213, SPAN 295 was formerly SPAN 395.

In the Semester system, SPAN 2251 is the Healthcare Spanish equivalent of SPAN 2111 and SPAN 2252 is the Healthcare Spanish equivalent of SPAN 2112.

Quarter to Semester Equivalent

If you completed a language course or took your placement exam in the quarter system and need to determine the semester course in which you are eligible to enroll, below is a reference guide.  Please contact CAL Advising for further assistance.

Lower Division Q2S Course Conversion Guide