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The ability to speak, read and/or write multiple languages can open a range of professional opportunities for you.

Visit the Indeed post "How to Include Language Skills on Your Resume" to learn how to highlight your language skills, see examples and understand more about why language skills are important.

When you combine your area of expertise, or interests, with the knowledge of a world language and culture, the possibilities are many.

Here are but a few of the professions where a language can offer you an advantage:

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Careers in Teaching

Teacher helping many students at laptopThere is a strong need for World Language teachers in the San Bernardino and Riverside high school districts, as well as statewide. Dual language immersion programs, especially in Spanish are constantly growing in the country and educators are needed to teach children and teenagers the importance of both languages. The variety of languages expands more when it comes to teaching a world language in a college or university. 

What are the criteria to become a teacher?

You need to complete an approved degree program in a world language (or take the CSET exam, see below) then complete a series of courses leading to a Teaching Credential for a 'Single Subject' (in the language). The Teaching Credential is usually completed after completing the Bachelor's Degree. At CSUSB, one-year and two-year Teaching Credential programs are available. More information regarding the single subject credential is available through the College of Education. More information regarding Commission-Approved Subject Matter Preparation Programs is available from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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Teaching English in another Country

With a language degree, opportunities arise both in the United States and abroad. Educators are needed to teach a world language in the United States just as much as they are needed to teach English as a second language on another country. The possibilities are endless since knowledge of another language and culture allows you to live in many countries and teach English to the people of those countries.

Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) - Browse CIEE Teaching Abroad Programs

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

JET Program offers young professionals the opportunity to work in Japan as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) or Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs). Since 1987, more than 70,000 JET Program participants from over 75 countries have lived and worked in cities, towns, and villages throughout Japan. Join JET and become part of this exclusive network of like-minded international enthusiasts!

Learn more at JET Program USA.

Careers in Government

Patrol Boat on waterThere are many ways in which a major or a minor in a world language can enhance your abilities to find a job in a state or national government office. The Department of Agriculture, the Department of Transportation, the National Park Service, the Foreign Service, and the military are all organizations that need employees with multilingual skills.

The Spanish Criminal Justice Certificate focuses on Spanish utilized in Criminal Justice and related fields to gain oral and written competency in professional Spanish and an understanding of Hispanic cultures.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Knowledge of a language is imperative when it comes down to the national security of the United States. An understanding of the language and cultural differences is of great importance when it comes down to the CIA’s mission. The department offers various jobs for language majors including data collection or language instruction in regard to national security issues and any potential concerns that may arise.

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Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

Expertise of a language and its culture is also very important to the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI deals with threats both international and domestic to protect the United States. A language degree can earn you a position as a Language Analyst for the FBI, where tasks include espionage, foreign counterintelligence threats, or cybercrime amongst others.

Browse FBI Jobs

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

It is no surprise that a language degree can give you the upper hand when applying for a career in the US Customs and Border Protection agency. The CBP deals with people from all around the world, countless languages and cultural differences that a language degree offers to its students.

Explore CBP Career Paths

Other Government Careers

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Careers in Healthcare/Medical

Young medical students with professor at outdoor medical location.A major, minor, or certificate in a world language can enhance your abilities to find a job in a medical field. Communication always plays a key role in the medical field. Knowledge of a second language increases the possibilities of being able to communicate with people who only speak another language. Adding another language to a nursing degree has become increasingly popular. Even the slightest comprehension of another language can be crucial in a hospital setting. 

The Spanish Healthcare Certificate is a specialized language program for students in Nursing, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Psychology, Social Work, and related disciplines.


CSUSB offers various programs in Nursing.

The Spanish Healthcare Certificate prepares students to successfully interact with members of the Hispanic community as they gain oral and written competency in professional Spanish and an understanding of Hispanic cultures.

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Doctors Without Borders

Disasters occur both domestically and abroad. An organization like Doctors Without Borders is an excellent way to make a positive impact on the world. They provide aid for many countries especially in French-speaking ones, so knowledge of the French language is crucial to their mission. Careers range from U.S. office based to abroad. 

Browse Doctor Without Borders Jobs

Careers in Public Service

Three people working at a desk with headsets speakingKnowledge of another language and culture can benefit a career in public service, including jobs translating a text or assisting a customer or client abroad.


Translating along with Interpreting are possibly the two careers for which a language degree is most useful. A translator translates a text from one language to the other. While the interpreter, carefully listens and verbally translates the source language to the receptor and vice versa. These two careers are commonly required in courts, businesses, and hospitals amongst others.

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Customer Service is important for the missions and objectives of all companies. The ability to communicate with speakers in their preferred language allows for the ability to facilitate customer concerns and issues.  

Careers in Marketing and Public Relations

Street corner with multiple screens showing advertisementsA language degree works perfectly when it comes to Marketing and Public Relations.  Companies are adjusting and hiring people with language degrees to deliver strategies that keep people of all cultures in mind.

Advertising and Marketing

Knowledge of another language and culture is very important especially in such a diverse country filled with multiple cultures.  Every culture has unique beliefs and traditions. Knowledge of these beliefs allows for a better understanding and communication with others.

Public Relations

The Public Relations sector is more important than ever with the unstoppable growth of social media. In the last few years we have seen corporations and government officials make remarks that offend the beliefs of different cultures. As a PR representative you will monitor public announcements or advertisements in order to ensure the reputation of a company is maintained and increased.

Global Brand Marketing

Globalization has given companies and organizations the ability to expand their product across seas and beyond. Which is why Global Brand Marketers are desired in order to model marketing strategies that cater to the distinct amount of cultures. Knowledge not only of another language but of other cultures as well is vital to the branding of all companies and organizations.


Microphone in recording boothNetworks are always in search of students with language degrees to perform roles in multimedia, online or print journalism.


Knowledge of another language allows you the ability to offer interesting content related to viewers of different ethnicities.

Radio Host

Media has expanded across all languages spoken here in the United States which is why the radio business has diversified and opened markets for more and more languages. A degree in another language and communications is the perfect combination for becoming the next big radio host.

Voice-overs and Subtitles

The ability to write and read in another language has gained the interest of television and movie producers. Your knowledge offers media industries the ability to translate dialogue and shape it to apply it to other cultures.