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Don't finish your plate!

In Chinese business etiquette, it is important to know a few things when it comes to eating with your counterparts. Rank is very crucial to remember, especially with regard to not eating before others, such as seniors and elders. In Chinese table etiquette, it is said that you should not finish all your food. Otherwise, it is thought that you are still hungry and that your host did not feed you well enough. This could possibly result in your host continuing to add food to your plate.

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There are many reasons to study Chinese, but one of the most important ones at the present time is that the global marketplace is becoming bigger and, as a result, the need for speakers of languages other than English (particularly as translators or interpreters) is increasing. Currently, U.S. federal statistics indicate that more than 31,000 individuals work as translators or interpreters in schools, health care, courts, airlines, and telecommunications. Further, due to the expansion of global commerce, the industry is expected to increase 26 percent in the next eight years!

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Get to know the Chinese language and culture firsthand. Study Chinese with California State University San Bernardino's study abroad program in Taiwan.

Taiwan Fair

The 2019 Taiwan Fair was a success with over 50 people in attendance.  Participants participated in creating various Chinese items, including Chinese paper zongzi, Chinese paper fans, and Chinese Calligraphy.  They also enjoyed items from a Chinese bakery and Boba milk tea.

Group photo at 2019 Taiwan Fair

Many thanks to the sponsor, the Department of World Languages and Literatures, and the Co-sponsors, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles (Culture Center & Education Division) and Liquid Tea Bar.

Chinese calligraphy


Paper fans at Taiwan Fair


YoYos at Taiwan Fair