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Criminal Justice Spanish Certificate

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Why should I choose this program?

The Department of World Languages and Literatures in collaboration with the School of Criminology and of Criminal Justice is offering a Certificate Program in Criminal Justice Spanish.

The Certificate prepares Criminal Justice students and those in related fields to successfully interact with members of the Hispanic community as they gain oral and written competency in professional Spanish and an understanding of Hispanic cultures.

Since law enforcement personnel must be able to communicate with the people they serve, including native speakers of languages other than English, these are valuable skills for those seeking careers in Criminal Justice. Hispanics are the fastest growing population in the US (62.1 million in 2020, a 23% growth since 2010) and the largest racial or ethnic group in California (15.6 million in 2020). In addition, the US Department of Justice cooperates with Mexico and other countries to combat drug trade and human trafficking. The relevance of Hispanic cultures to the field of Criminal Justice is thus significant.

With this Certificate, and your degree in Criminal Justice, you can pursue any number of traditional law enforcement jobs and will be better prepared for career opportunities in US Customs and Border Protection, FBI, DEA, TSA, as well as in any California state and local authorities.

This program has been developed with the support of a US Department of Education Grant (P016A200005) funding the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program Project for two campuses: CSU San Bernardino and Sac State.


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