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Space Reservation Request

Space Reservation Request

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Room 5005 Information

Please note that the LMMC is a student-centered, multi-use space that is not intended for private events. By requesting the use of this space, you agree that students may enter, study, use collaboration rooms, and visit the LMMC service desk at any time during your event.

We want our students to succeed. PL-5005 LMMC is a student study space only during mid-terms and finals weeks, 9am-5pm, and cannot be used for other purposes during these times. While the calendar dates are different each quarter, mid-terms usually occur during weeks 5 and 6, and the finals session is the last week of classes and the entire week of final exams.

If yes, please note that Apple laptops may not work without modifications.

The person reserving the space is responsible for the equipment. Computers and projectors should be turned off, microphones turned off and put away, and screens rolled up at the end of the event. Furniture should be returned to the configuration it was in prior to the event.

Account information is only needed in case of incidentals.

Will you be using Sodexo catering for your meeting/event?

Remember to contact Sodexo at 75916 to place your order, for timely delivery and pick-up after the event. Catering items or food CAN'T stay overnight in any library space.

Food and drink is prohibited in PL-2005

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