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Computers in the Library

ALL computers print!

Desktop Computers

CSUSB students & employees, use your MyCoyote login.

1st Floor, near the Research Assistance Desk
1st Floor, next to Starbucks (PL-111)

Floors 2-5, near the elevators. One computer on each floor will only search OneSearch.

Available software:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 16 (Excel, Powerpoint, Word)
  • IBM SPSS 25


Laptops & Accessories

The CSUSB wireless network is Eduroam.  Sign on with and your normal MyCoyote password.

Trouble signing in?  Here are instructions for Configuring Eduroam Manually.

A limited number of laptop computers (Mac or Windows) are available for semester-long loans to current CSUSB students.  See our guide, Laptop Lending.  View Check-Out Policies.

Accessories: Kensington locks, power chargers, cases.

Available software:


  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 16
  • Safari, Firefox, Chrome
  • Zotero

Windows 10

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 16
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
  • SPSS 25
  • Zotero


View Check-Out Policies.

  • TI-503SV Calculators
  • TI-89 Titanium Graphing Calculators
  • BAII Plus Financial Calculators
  • TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculators

IPads & Accesories

Choose iPad or iPad Mini. View Check-Out Policies.

Accessories: Griffin styluses, Apple wireless keyboards, cases.

Available apps:

  • Safari, Chrome
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Coyote email

ADA Accessible Desktop Computers

There are seven workstations in the library:

  • 1st Floor – one in the computer area near the Research Assistance Desk, and one in PL-111.
  • Floors 2-5 – one on each floor near the elevators plus one additional workstation in our classroom, PL-2005.

Each station provides the CSUSB Assistive Technology & Accessibility Center’s (ATAC) supported assistive technology software, which includes on-screen magnification, screen reading, voice recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), and literacy software.

In addition, there are two cameras at each station: one for video magnification and a scanning camera for OCR. Other hardware includes a fully ergonomically adjustable split keyboard, a high contrast keyboard, and an electrically adjustable desk and ergonomic chair.

One feature of these stations that students appreciate is the ability to quickly scan and create audio versions of their textbooks, which can make long commutes more productive and provides multiple modalities for information retention.

For training in using these workstations, please contact Christine Fundell, Accessibility Specialist, 909-537-4356, or go to ATAC’s assistive technology lab in PL-1109 (in the Wedge part of the Pfau Library building).

Responsible Computing

We recommend that you save your files to an external storage device, a Web service (such as Google Docs), or email them to yourself.

Users are responsible for protecting the integrity of their logins. Always logout when finished, and do not share your username or password with others.

Users may not alter or tamper with the normal functioning of any library-provided computer equipment or system. No additional software, apps, etc., may be loaded.

The library does not filter Web sites based on content. In keeping with campus policy, the library strives to create a learning environment free from hostility or harassment. Because all computer screens are visible to the public, users shall not view Web sites that display offensive material. This may include material that the user does not find personally offensive.

The library assumes no responsibility for user damages incurred due to viruses, malware, or other corrupted files.

The library reserves the right to revoke user privileges at any time based on misuse of those privileges, failure to abide by the library's Code of Conduct, or failure to abide by the CSUSB Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Communications.